Almost 2019, thargoids are still not worth anything.

If you look at it in comparison to pretty much every activity in Elite, from doing exploration, general mission running, hauling cargo, mining, combat.... if you then look at in terms of how much materials/data you can get, and how much credits you can get, all of them have at least something.
From missions you get lots of random assorted data and materials, from scanning other ships you get occasional data, from wrecks of enemy ships you get diverse sets of materials, and from planet surfaces you get elements.

And then, there is the very publicized and hyped up, thargoid fighting.
You don't get anything. You get zero materials and zero data, other than the useless thargoid scans/fragments.
The credit rewards, if you're skilled and lucky, will cover the repair and rearm costs, MAYBE.

And on top of that, the actual bar for being able to fight interceptors effectively is VERY high. You first off need a sturdy ship, then lots of modules, guardian module grinding, then you have a good chance.

It's definitely one of the most hyped things in Elite, and one of the most difficult things to actually get into, from both a skill-based and material perspective.
And it pays absolutely nothing!
Extremely high risk, for absolutely no reward. You win, you get nothing. You lose, you definitely don't get anything!

There are supposedly new anti-thargoid missions on board Aegis megaships, but i can't confirm these exist at all, possibly because of a bug. Nothing spawns on those ships other than source and return for basic supplies. The ships themselves don't have any function in the game, unless you really want to haul basic medicines.

FDev, the reason that all these stations and all these systems keep being destroyed, and very often stay destroyed, is that you don't give players anything for it. No decals, and often very few credits and materials, none in the case of fighting them.
Canonn don't even bother updating the eagle-eye thing anymore, i don't know if it stopped working, or if they just don't care anymore.

The new AX conflict zones are a total bust. No, you still don't get paid anything decent at all for it, and the spawns are both random and extremely unbalanced. You can steamroll a bunch of scouts easily (still only 10.000 credits for every variant!), then 2 basilisks will jump in and absolutely wreck the entire place, consistently. On top of that, even MORE scouts spawn while you are fighting the interceptors, as your NPC pilots are useless for anything but distraction.

Sometimes, rarely, nothing more than scouts at all will spawn, which is easy, but space skeet shooting gets boring.

Did the thargoid conflict zones receive enough QA? Clearly not, but why would anyone go and check out those in the beta? Especially when you had the new exploration and new mining, which are things people actually have reasons to care about.

The entire Thargoid experience in general is broken from a design perspective.
There's nothing at all in it to motivate players, nobody cares about these supposed people in the star systems, they are just meaningless numbers in a video game that have zero effect on you. There's no Thargoids abducting engineers or whatever, something that would actually have people care. There's nothing "in it" for people to do, other than look at the wow cool flower.
I had a lot of fun fighting a Cyclops for the first time, it was like a raid boss, but i had zero reason to do it.

I love Elite, but the only reasons that i do, is that i am only really interested in the parts that aren't extremely broken, which is exploration.
I of course do not want to be a sad annoying pessimists, and i do believe that the whole team is working on new and cool things, but yet when they do arrive, they are often broken.
Also transporting people to Colonia and long distance exploration passangers missions are also one of the worst paying jobs too.
Scouts are laughable, it is actually easier, faster, safer and more profitable to kill only sidewinders in HAZRES....

The interceptors can arguably be stacked with missions, but pay per hour (and risk) is still the lowest of any missions I have seen)

My ideal system is to;

1. have the Scouts Pay increased, 20K for marauders, 30k for inciters and regenerators, 50k for berserkers

2. An Incursion Bonus, desperate times call for desperate help, all pilots fed Bonds on Thargoids are tripled during this period.

This will;

a) increase interest in Thargoid combat by the general population

b) mitigate the payout problem.
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