Almost Lost my 150 Hour Game Save

Whenever I play challenge mode, I have 4 saves. This is so if I screw up REALLY badly, I have the option of loading back farther if needed. After completing an island, I delete all of my challenge mode saves for that island in order to create more space. Despite just completing my 9th island in challenge mode, I only now noticed a mistake that almost cost me my 150 hour save in the main campaign.

I just completed another island in challenge mode and as usual, I proceeded to delete my saves. What I failed to notice is that after deleting a challenge mode save, the tab switches back over from the "challenge" save tab to the "campaign" save tab. Without looking, I deleted another save file, thinking that it was a challenge mode save, when it was really my campaign save.

Thankfully, I was able to salvage my campaign through an autosave, but just imagine if I didn't have autosave turned on? Even though I am now aware of this, if it could be fixed it would be greatly appreciated.
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