General / Off-Topic Am I the only one who thinks there are too many rubbish "How To" and "Creative Ideas" videos on Youtube?

Things like 5-Minute Crafts. Or any video titled "Creative Ideas To Take It To The Next Level". These rubbish videos all have 3 things in common:
1. Rubbish Music
2. They don't have any commentary or explanation or even show you the end result first so you know what you're supposed to be making
3. The ideas are always rubbish and you find yourself asking "WHY WOULD ANYONE DO THAT?" in a very loud voice.

There are even now, channels on Youtbube that make videos on how bad these videos are ....

And as How To Cook That has shown, some of the "ideas" or "hacks" the rubbish videos put in, and quite simply DANGEROUS. For example, soaking strawberries in bleach to remove the red colour and have white strawberries (SERIOUSLY DO NOT DO THAT) or brushing your teeth with hot glue (I wish I was making that one up, and again, do not do that).

I cannot be the only one fed up with these rubbish, potentially dangerous videos
I agree with the OP. Just where I was about to create a new thread "Am I the only one who thinks there are too many rubbish threads created on this forum?". Oh well... Don't need to read them sure, but it's getting increasingly tricky to pick out the interesting stuff out of that huge pile of nonsense. I'm close to leave this forum at all, just to preserve my love for the game.
Well, there ain't no point in making quality content for Youtube, i've made videos i've spend months on, nobody cares.
But when you upload nonsense that you don't even waste 10 minutes of work on, they skyrocket. That's how it is.

Besides Youtube is being ruled by Networks who are sneaking in the dark. ALL big channels who have a viewership have networks behind them.
But they wouldn't ever tell you that, because they would lose all credibility.
The make-believe stuff is worse than it was in TV times. Much worse. Youtube should be called Youduped.
My Epcot3D channel is a good example. thousands of hours of work sunk into creating the footage. Years before its time,
it had an impact in the industry, but it never had any viewership. People are sheep to hypes.

Also there's some custom asset creators on here who make "tutorial videos"
and monetize on them, why don't they come to the forum and help out here instead? Oh right, doesn't make enough pennies.
It's become a plague, but hey, everyone for itself, it seems.
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Recently I only watch three types of videos on Youtube.
Gaming and PC hardware news, blacksmithing videos (there are some awesome craftsmen on the Tube) and science/astronomy vids.
And I'm usually listening to music from Youtube.

Luckily Youtube's algorithm spotted that and basically recommends me only those types for content. :)

But yes, there's a lot of rubbish on the internet. Though I also agree with Robert - it's really easy to avoid.
I see very few of such videos on youtube, OP.

I feel the algorithm Google uses to decide what types of content I am interested in is pretty darn good. I don't click play on the video in the OP, for example...because I am not interested. If I did click it...then they would then decide that I was.

Do bear in mind that Google owns Youtube, so more than just what you view on youtube matters unless you have set all of your browser settings for privacy so that Google doesn't know what sites and other content you also frequent. I personally am logged in to Google at all times, so it knows me better than I know myself....scary as that is, I prefer it that way so that recommended content and ads that I don't actually block are properly targeted.

I have to assume you have made a habit in the past of seeking out that kind of video OR website, which is why it now is bombarding you with them. That or you share your computer login with someone who likes those types of vids.
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And as How To Cook That has shown, some of the "ideas" or "hacks" the rubbish videos put in, and quite simply DANGEROUS.
Don't believe everything you see on TV, kids.

Unless is a redub of a G.I. Joe PSA featuring porkchop sandwiches...that one is real.

Well, there ain't no point in making quality content for Youtube
That's why I have zero production value and don't monetize anything.

Thanks for the multi-terabyte free storage Google.
I only watch few selected lets players, mostly Dark Souls challenge runners like almighty LobosJr. The rest of YT will just melt ya brain cells right away anyways...
The one thing that really grates me about YouTube is YouTubers begging for money via Patreon.
I kind of agree with you, I'm not a fan of what is, essentially, begging .... but I do appreciate that if they didn't say it, no-one would support them on Patreon or whatever method they are using.
Welcome to the, World wide Inter-web.

All you need is a connection, a camera (these days just a phone) and you too; can be famous, informative; and show. Just how cleaver and creative, you think you are.

Just by being stupid; you can become, infamous and for many; that is good enough.
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