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Bruce G

Senior Community Manager
First up, thanks for the AMA! My burning question is regarding Powerplay unsurprisingly- its been five years of no gameplay updates, will it see changes in Odyssey? Sandro Sammarco was the last dev to openly talk about the feature but everyone else seems, well, scared of the topic. There are only so many years of "we have nothing to announce" before you get the impression its been abandoned, and every time we ask about Powerplay there is a deafening silence.
Greetings! I know you said that the ship's interiors will not be at the start of the odyssey, but please tell us what they will be like? Will only one cabin be available for moving, or will we be able to go to the part of the ship where the cabins, cargo modules, shields, etc. are located?
I know you probably can't talk about it directly, but please at least give us a hint. thank you!
I ask other people asking questions not to answer my comment in order not to bring down community managers.
if anybody, as well as I am interested in this question, please put like.
o7 FDevs! Awesome thread, thank you!

1. My main question for the whole ED:
What's your opinion on player-driven economy and world in general?

I'll try to explain:
I know we have BGS, but I'm talking about more direct influence on the trading, mining, etc.
For example, to make market prices to 100% depends only on the player's activities. If player mine and sell a lot of painite - then it's price automatically will go down, then players switch to another activities - the price eventually go up.
It will require some actual simulation for production and usage of the commodities by NPCs/Stations though. With no manually set base prices or min/max price limitations.

2. Second question (related to the first one):
Player crafting, modules and ships trading.

Did you ever consider such mechanics? Not just one-time consumables (restocks, injections), rather to be able to craft custom modules, even ships.
Or at least trade engineered modules between players? Maybe via Fleet Carrier services.

TL;DR for both questions: I desperately waiting for any player-driven meaningful systems in the game... Because BGS and Power Play (while they are player-driven indeed) they does not really affect the game in any meaningful way, e.g. no effect on regular activities.

Bonus question:
Raxxla. Can it be currently found and accessed by players?

Just Yes or No please!
Bruce, Bruce, Bruce.... Greetings, just two questions if you'd be so kind in responding.

Can i ask if we will get C1 seismic charges, and C1 plasma accelerators and AX weapons so certain ships that CMDRs like are not excluded from content that's been in the game for ages now?

(namely the Type 7, type 6, Dolphin etc.)

the Small Seismic Charge foundation would love to hear from you, we have created a shrine and offering in homage to hopefully getting an answer on this deeply troubling issue.


Ship interiors, has any more thought been given on how we transition to legs, regarding the Neil Armstrong moment and actually getting up out of your chair and walking to the air lock and out of the ship rather than a fade to black. Because for me the whole Neil Armstrong moment is going to be ruined by a fade to legs.

I need to walk from my cockpit and to the door or not at all, any thoughts on this are welcome, also i understand if you cant tell us on this one!
We all know the galaxy is big, and occasionally you post updates like "0.01% explored so far". But the non-exploration side has interesting numbers too - any chance of cool stats from that side like "X million tonnes of cargo traded today" or "Y million credits of bounties collected across the galaxy" or "today's most popular mission type was Surface Salvage with Z completed" every so often?

Robert Maynard

Volunteer Moderator
Thanks for the opportunity to ask the Team anything. It is much appreciated. :)

The game offers every player the ability to both experience and affect the single shared galaxy state, regardless of game platform or game mode.

Some players seek a meaningful PvP feature and often cite the fact that players in Solo and Private Groups don’t need to engage in PvP to participate in existing game features as a problem to be solved.

How do Frontier plan to meet the expectations of both those players seeking meaningful PvP and those players who don’t enjoy PvP and have, up to now, not required to play in Open to participate in any game feature?
is Raxxla currently accessible to anyone in game or is there something we have to do to unlock it?

Is the rumor true that someone has been to the system Raxxla is in honked it but didn't see it?

Are there any plans to continue the guardian storyline?

Will we ever see a third alien race?

Could we possibly have some news regarding the thargoid Orthrus variant?

Will the type 7 ever be downgraded to use a medium pad?

Can I have professor palin's old base? :LOL:
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