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Arthur Tolmie

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Q - In the Codex Knowledge base, it says the INRA developed Mycoid in 3151 (Codex - Knowledge Base - The Thargoids - Vulnerabilities). On the Human-Thargoid Contact page, it says the INRA was established in 3193. Should we take this as a typo, or something shady like 'Formally established in 3193 but worked long before'?
I would read it as formely established...


Are there any plans on intergrating cqc into the main game.

I.e meet up at a hub in a system to do cqc without having to quite the game.

Will there be racing implemented into elite with srvs.
Any plans to introduce higher tier and higher priced ship kits such as ones with custom animation effects that possibly even change the main body of the ship and hitbox? I'm thinking of how the Imperial ships' nacelles used to raise and lower in previous games when landing/taking off and how the Cutter's fin does when jumping in ED but a bit grander.

CMDR Justinian Octavius
I'm a big fan of WH40k and grimdark in general. ED is supposedly dystopian, but feels a bit too cheerful for its own good.

Will the story take dark and sober turns? On a scale of 1 being My Little Pony to 10 being Horus Heresy, where will we be going this year coming numerically?
Like the Q&A idea - seems really popular!

My questions is: What are the chances of Elite coming back to the Mac natively? Maybe involving Aspyr?

Yours hopefully,

Hi MQC, you'll be able to physically mutlicrew in Odyssey allowing players to taxi other players around. We're also aware of various issues with mutlticrew that we're working on fixes for.
Tell me, will players be able to control other players' ships in this case?
Let's say, if I decide to go to the game with my friends, will they be able to control my ship (even if I am not in the game at that moment) or will we have to divide one account into several people?
Do you plan to provide us a large ship more relevant for the Alliance? The Type 10 Defender is nice, but it doesn't really stand out from the Cutter or the Corvette.

Any info on the alliance capital ships present in previous versions of Elite? (Victor and Valiant)
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