AMA - first edition (Arthur, Bruce, Stephen & Paul)

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Arthur Tolmie

Lead Community Manager
Q: Reddit, Discord and other places overflow with problems from brand new users attempting to set up accounts and login. The process is extremely error prone and messy. Is Frontier planning on simplifying the process of new account setup?
Will you be updating HR 6819 given recent discoveries?

Context for other CMDRs out there:
May be a black hole there:
Maybe not:

Will take a look a look, but might be hard to add something in that is not confirmed is actually there yet...

I was wondering if you could share a bit over what happened to codex rumours. They looked like a very interesting mechanicbut they've ended up never being used. I'm not particularly interested in knowing whether they're coming or not in the future, but rather into what led to them being "forgotten", e.g., you could not find any way of leveraging them that would be enjoyable for the players? You judged that actually using them would consume too many development resources that we now know were being dedicated to ED:O?

Are there any plans to correct / update lore based planets that are wrong eg Project Exodus Beacons around the wrong type of planet (supposed to be around tf HMC or ELW mainly) and the Prism System not matching the book description?

Thanks all CMs and the team, this is amazing!
Firstly I'm loving that story is back in game, so good to see it o7

Is there still an unsolved element of the mystery and story around the Adamastor?
If so any chance of another pointer?

Bruce G

Senior Community Manager
Hi Bruce, thanks for doing this

I know that you mentioned in the balancing thread that you didn't have plans to make any changes to Smuggling at the moment, but could I ask if you noted that there is a major bug which lowers the sell price of illegal goods by 25%?
It would be fantastic if the team could just fix this one thing as part of the balancing changes, so at least Smugglers are not penalised and almost always losing credits.

Here is a link to the issue, which has been confirmed and has many votes.

Hi Ozric,

I'm keen for smuggling to become a viable high-risk/high-reward alternative to trading as I alluded to in the other thread you just mentioned. As for the 25% bug, I can confirm that by virtue of being on the Issue Tracker it can be considered known and fitted into QA/Devs agenda for being investigated.
Q - will there ever be anyway of stuffing tritium into my FSD in my ship for extended jump range, or worm holes in the game to aid travelling from sector to sector?
(this will help travelling between the fantastic stellar phenomenon in the game)

ps- thanks for this thread idea, its fantastic.

Whilst not really a game question, any advice for people looking into Community Management positions?

And a game question to balance things out:

Will player minor factions like say, the Fuel Rats or my own Whitetip Operations, be represented in some way in Odyssey through the NPCs? There was a piece of concept art that showed something similar to my faction's logo on a bunch of people working in a security surface base and was curious if that means something or if it's just a 'concept artist only' thing?
Firstly, I appreciate the changes in how CMs interact with the community with the arrival of new people in the CM team :)

Q: Are there plans to introduce the AX Conflict Zones back into the game? If not in form of incursions then at least one or two permanent ones in Pleiades or somewhere?

Surely you can understand the frustrations of AX Community which had their best and most fun piece of content go missing more than a year ago :( I understand that we might have to wait for new content for Odyssey but it feels as if we are losing content and not even staying at the same level as before.
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