AMA II: Question Boogaloo - Arthur, Bruce, Stephen and Paul

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Hi team, any plans for a spit-and-polish pass to existing missions and scenarios at some point?

This is not a moan, I love the game, but there are a few unnatural behaviours and speedbumps that make a lot of these activities a bit less satisfying than they could be.

The examples I gave last time I asked were the contents of "persistent" distress beacon scenario POIs changing when you leave and come back (e.g. to get a fuel limpet controller, that is now useless because the ship in distress has turned into different one with a damaged hull instead of an empty tank); pirate massacre mission POIs directing to a bunch of unwinged pirates just hanging out with no ostensible purpose but for you to attack them; some missions giving POIs on honk, some only on scan of Nav beacon; megaship cargo holds jamming, etc.

I would love to see some time put into making these kinds of things a bit more consistent, joined-up, and credible. I think it could have a huge qualitative benefit across the board.

Thanks for listening, and thanks for Elite!

Bruce G

Community Manager
Is the current lack of development of Cross play between platforms either.....

a. A Microsoft / Sony not playing nicely together issue
2. A "too hard to integrate into the existing code" issue
iii) An FDev don't want to do it issue
5. It might possibly, maybe happen at some indeterminate point in the future
Option VI, sorry.
We don't have anything to announce on a Beta for Odyssey right now but should that change we will let everyone know :)
It's not encouraging that you can't say if there will be a beta for Odyssey given there is normally a beta for major updates. I honestly thought it was a given, but thought to ask because this AMA seems slower than last week's and confirmation would be nice.
Will there ever be more different type of high level mats/data offered as mission rewards (Like Pharmaceutical Isolators which seem to be near impossible to find these days), and will we see said mission rewards give us 3 in storage per unit acquires (Like when we pick up an Exquisite Focus Crystal in the wild, we get 3 in storage)?
So, Frontier has something of a reputation for implementing features or aspects of Elite haphazardly or incompletely, isolated from other aspects of the game, before abandoning the feature for years at a time. Power Play, CQB, multicrew being the most prominent examples, and I'd throw in various aspects of surface (SRV) gameplay and missions as well.

It was good to hear in the previous AMA that you were still thinking about Power Play, but it's been literally years of hearing that it's being thought about. Same for some of the other features.

Is this something you recognize and want to fix, or just a lack of resources? And, if you'll permit a followup - if it's a lack of resources, which aspects of ED are effectively de-prioritized now?
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