Amnesty Interstellar Seeks Volunteers [AMNI]

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[Note: by nature, AMNI is an RP-heavy organisation. If you're not into that, it'll probably be a fairly frustrating experience.]

Amnesty Interstellar is an unofficial human rights organisation dedicated to maintaining acceptable standards of living throughout the galaxy. It stands against war, slavery, and the callous disregard for human life demonstrated by countless people in the 34th century.

It aims to use minimally-violent means to shape the galaxy into a better place to live in for the common individual. Regardless of allegiance, everyone deserves to live life to their fullest potential, from the pilots who ply the spacelanes to the farmers on earth-like agricultural worlds.
AMNI deliberately avoids taking a political stance, but its stated goals generally favour ordered societies which ban unethical practices such as wanton violence and slavery (Imperial slavery is undesirable, but theoretically consensual and thus less of a concern).

It is headed up by Viola Steele, a spoiled young aristocrat-turned-pilot with more money than sense and a sense of idealism many would decry as naïve. If her sheltered upbringing has taught her anything, though, it is how to be stubborn - so until people are happy again, AMNI will continue its work with vigor.

Members of AMNI are expected to go out of their way to help the common individual. Aiding factions in outbreak, aiding stranded traders and explorers, and providing rescue services to attacked stations - regardless of faction - should be a priority over profit or personal glory. Officially organized efforts are rare, primarily due to its leader's flighty and inattentive nature, but members should be sharing the same goals anyway, and as such any member needing assistance ought to receive it.

What does this mean for you as a player? Firstly, you're not obligated to be involved with AMNI 100% of the time, 24 hours a day. Its stated goal is to improve the quality of life of the galaxy's average citizen, and that's an attitude more than anything. Organized efforts and BGS trickery won't dominate your playing style - all you need to do is look out for the people who can't look out for themselves. Pack a repair limpet controller and a fuel limpet controller, and you'll be surprised how many people you can help in your average playing session.
This is also a roleplay group. The whole concept involves being charitable towards digital people who do not exist - having a reason for that is generally fairly roleplay-ish. Most squadron communication will be in-character, but obvs that can get pretty stale, so we'll see how it goes.

Make the galaxy a better place for the people who matter: all of them.
AMNI is still seeking volunteers - even if you have prior squadron affiliations, aid work can be subsidised by AMNI. The worlds deserve better.
AMNI isn't going to stop seeking volunteers, just like people aren't going to stop being hungry without our help.
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