An actual Arrow Hypercoaster Track, etc...

1. The Hypercoaster (Equalizer) uses a looping coaster track (Vekoma MK-1200)
However the track on Magnum XL, Desperado, etc.. have similar looking but different tracks and support.

2. When choosing a staff, I want to stay in place but I am dragged to where the actual staff are (Janitors and Mechanics, I want to move them to the place where needed but I have to be relocated to their location first)

3. Walls that stack side by side smaller than the current grid (so that we can use the side of the walls as well)

4. More flat rides (

5. More Rollercoasters (4D Freespin-Batman at SF Fiesta Texas, Mack Bobsled, Mack PowerSplash, Schwarzkopf, etc...)

6. Rollercoaster functions (train start backwards to chain lift-Boomerang, switch tracks, drop tracks, backward launches, etc)