An Antidote to the Depressing Run of Threads Demanding Update Information ..... March 19th Significant (?)

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Cmdr Buur has posted several analytical rumour videos recently that provide a good antidote to the doom and 'more information' threads that appear to be going (ahem) viral in this Forum. In particular, this video he posted a week ago, which picks up on the possibility (only a possibility of course) that Fleet Carriers might be announced March 19th, and coming sooner than most people think :)

What do you think? I think he makes a good point.

I hope they use the 19th to express their excitement about an upcomming announcement, coming sometime soon.

Forum popcorn on standby....
I don’t believe it featured on the Mayan calendar leaving me to believe we will be Doom free come the 19th.

Yay for Fleetcarri Flimley!
It's the only Thursday stream on the upcoming schedule that has both Stephen and Will as hosts. Will, being the senior community manager, would naturally be expected to feature on any livestream where they made a fleet carrier announcement.
Where can this schedule be seen?
Greetings Commanders,

I've replied here regarding this livestream!

Thanks for the response Stephen ..... which is in summary: When we're ready to announce more about Fleet Carriers, rest assured we'll be letting you know across all of our channels! Will be joining us on the 19 March for just a regular fun livestream! (my emphasis)

Ok ... noted, thankyou :)We will just have to wait, I guess.


Which to me translates to a clear no: No announcements about fleet carriers on March the 19th. But, hey... a fun livestream all the same.
See, communication could be so easy... and short - if just directly.
fdev does everything right that they don’t announce fleet carriers or new era. Based on what I see on the forum, nobody really wants to :)
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