An Invite to the ORBIS Server

Discord Invite

Greetings, Commanders.

I, with the help of others, run the ORBIS Discord server as a means of being able to keep up to date with various selected games including Elite Dangerous.

ORBIS operates as a social hub and information network.

We operate a dynamic, modular server approach where members can assign themselves access to different parts of the server according to their interests.

If you fancy joining a small community of helpful and mature players with good provisions, guides and access to an excellent array of server-based features including music and radio capability, then feel free to follow the link.

The Discord link will take you to our lobby where you will be able to introduce yourself and where access to the rest of the server can be granted.

The ORBIS server

Current games the server supports includes:
Elite Dangerous, GTAV, Ghost Recon Wildlands/Breakpoint, Warframe, The Division 2, the upcoming PC release for RDR2, Sea of Thieves and No Man's Sky amongst others.

Thanks for your time, commanders, and fly safe!

Cmdr Erinir
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