An Invite to the ORBIS Server

Discord Invite

The Server

ORBIS operates as a social hub and information network.

We operate a dynamic, modular server approach where members can assign themselves access to different parts of the server according to their interests.

If you fancy joining a small community of helpful and mature PC players with good provisions, guides and access to an excellent array of server-based features including music and radio capability, then feel free to follow the link.

Our members are mainly from various locations throughout Europe and the Americas.

The Discord link will take you to our lobby where you will be able to introduce yourself and where access to the rest of the server can be granted.

Join ORBIS on Discord

The Squadron


Are you growing tired of wandering the galaxy and looking for somewhere to call your home?..

Do you want to join a group but don't fancy being just one in a member list of hundreds?...

Have you come to realise that, after flying the Federation flag for months/years, the Feds are really a just a bunch of farts and joining the Empire is the next evolutionary step to being a cool commander?..

Are your libertarian friends beginning to reek of sprouts and being "independent" is, well... a bit pants really!...

Then join the Corvus!

ORBIS is also home to the Elite Dangerous squadron, the Corvus Intelligence Group (CVIG)
An Empire-affiliated BGS squadron based in the system of HR 943 at Hildebrandt Terminal.
The squadron is dedicated to furthering the reach of the Empire through support of all Empire-aligned factions within this region of space.
Squadron enlistment is conducted through the ORBIS server but in-game only applications are welcome!

Thanks for your time, commanders, and fly safe!

Cmdr Erinir
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Latest server features for Elite Dangerous:
  • Dedicated Galnet channel - for as long as Frontier keeps actively producing articles at least!
  • Dedicated Sagittarius Eye channel
  • Dedicated bot command channel for finding stuff in the game (courtesy of EDSM)
  • A "guides and tools" channel
  • Elite Dangerous and Obsidian Ant posts automatically

Latest features introduced for other games:
  • The Rockstar category now includes "Red Dead Dailies" for updates on collector locations, Madam Nazar location, etc...
  • Twitter and patch updates for supported games including RDR2, GTAV, GR Wildlands/Breakpoint, No Man's Sky, Star Citizen, Warframe, etc....
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