An Open Letter to Engineer Ram Tah

Dear Ram Tah,

I very much enjoyed working with you researching the Ancient Ruins. I continue to pore over our findings and can’t help but feel a deep sense of wonder at the legacy of The Guardians.

Recently, I spent some time investigating the high frequency component of the audio signal emitted by obelisks. There appears to be some kind of encoded signal hidden in the audio, but all efforts to decode it, including mine, have not yielded concrete results. The only thing worthy of note is that the statistical properties of the data packets, namely the number of “bars”, do not seem to follow an entirely random pattern.

The analysis of obelisk audio data packets can be tremendously onerous, even with the help of automatic data extraction algorithms. The collective resources of the galactic scientific community is limited, so my question to you is this: do you believe this is a line of inquiry worth pursuing?

I believe that understanding Guardian technology has never been more important, especially with the Thargoid threat we are currently experiencing. We need to leverage every bit of knowledge associated with the Guardians in order to meet this new challenge head on. I would really appreciate your feedback.


CMDR Maligno, Canonn Interstellar Research Group
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