An open letter to Frontier Development

@Frontier. I wish to humbly thank you for your response to this thread (as well as many other threads and messages, I completely know that this was not just aimed at me). Quite often we as gamers here from games company PR people, "We hear you and are looking into that and we can not respond just now but we will definitely look into this" and depending on the PR people and the company this can range from either complete and total to a thoughtful and precise response. Today Frontier showed me just exactly WHO they are and HOW they honor their words. I could not be more grateful for your response. This company has earned my trust as well as my money in spades today. and I hope that everyone of the hundreds of people who have taken the time to either like the original post and/or respond on the 24+ pages of commentary on this thread see and acknowledge this.

David Braben, OBE
Dr. Kay Ross (We love you Dr. Kay!!! <3)
Laurence Oldham
Dav Stott
Piers Jackson
Chris Gregory
Gareth Hughes
Luke Betterton
Jonathan Bottonne
Dom (I suck at names but the smooth one with all the hats)
Darin Halil
Zac Antonaci
Al Hibberd
Dalia Pena
Arthur Tolmie
Steven Benedetti
Bruce Garrido
Paul Crowther

AND The many other people who's names I do not know but who are working directly or indirectly on Elite Dangerous who made all of this possible.

Thank you SINCERELY for being the ONE thing in 2020 that did not disappoint.

Like I said, you have earned my money and my trust and I can't wait to see what you do next.

NOTE TO MODS: While my Original Post has more than been addressed please leave this open for a little while so that the people who were part of this thread can also share their thanks!
Well said Kai. I'll second that. It's very VERY good news indeed. Nicely done Frontier, very nicely done indeed!

Pffft! Open letter, schmopen letter.

This is an open letter.

This is excellent news. I've been dabbling in Star Citizen's Free Fly Event this week but this superb positive development will sharply bring me back to Elite Dangerous. The missing narrative was making the game a bit stale. This will definitely freshen things up a bit!
Pffft! Open letter, schmopen letter.

This is an open letter.

I love this mans commitment to his otters...
Pffft! Open letter, schmopen letter.

This is an open letter.

Hmm, Planet Coaster is hot, but Planet Zoo is otter!
Everyone at Frontier, thank you for bringing back GalNet and kicking off an apparent tsunami of incoming community engagement content! I was dumbstruck at the candor and transparency in the latest Frontier Livestream. I still have goosebumps. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.
Yes, and that is the crux of a problem FD has had off and on for a long time. You were dumbstruck by the candor and transparency but only after being dumbstruck by the lack of it and the silence for months and months.

Having said that, Kudos to Frontier for the new plan and already having it running.
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