An Overly-Ambitious Idea

With all of the things I don't particularly like about this game, I have to say it's still the best space game out there, with potential to become probably the best game of all time. It just needs more.

It's a great, "realistic" portrayal of being a space entrepreneur, but as I sit in my spaceship staring at the stars as I haul cargo I never interact with, I can't help but feel like my character would want to stand up and stretch her legs once in a while. I so desperately want to walk around in these space stations and on the planet surfaces! Or in my own spaceship! Brew some space coffee as I stand dramatically behind my command chair.
I feel like a change like that would make the game so much more enticing to newer players and older players who may like a change that doesn't effect what they're already doing.

I also think people would like if it were possible to work together with other commanders to develop their own colonies by transporting materials and people, maybe fending off Thargoids or opposing factions.

What Also makes me so frustrated is that you can't land on planets with an atmosphere! I want more than anything to see a beautiful sunrise on the beach of an earthlike planet or fly through a gas giant and get lost forever in its mass! Okay, maybe not that last part, but still. I know these ideas aren't developed or organized but I know they would make more people like the game and current players like them more. It would but every other space game to shame.
You're right, that is completely over-ambitious.

Lots of it has also been roadmapped since forever ago though ;)

Check the kickstarter and 'Future of Elite' vid from launch for more from that time :)

Guess we'll see what the paid update brings...
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Oh yeah I mean I would gladly pay for an expansion of such caliber, but I don't at all think at least being able to walk around is far fetched. That alone would be great and I suppose I'd pay for that. This game just really needs more than it is at the moment.
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