Anaconda 1/150 in lego


finally i made it: an anconda at 1/150 (1.2 meter in length)

this is the pictures

So many many thanks to everybody for your comments, some answers:

it takes me almost 3 months of construction, a lot of try before to get what i wanted. It weights perhaps 4kg and, unfortunately there is no plan (or only in my head so if you want them.... cut my head).
I can't do an other in gold or silver because i don't have enough bricks of this color...

Put the image in an other gallery to share: i don't know how to do this.

I'm preparing with the rest of brick a python of the same scale (for my birthday i will buy other bricks to do it so be patient please).

Again thank you for your comments....

Well, i don't know what to say, when i see so much people liking my work... I didnt' imagine that !!!

Many many many thanks to all of you...

I think a lot of people will cry when i'll anounce that Annie is dead and vive federal corvette... No i can't even imagine this. Perhaps buying some lego slowly and when have enough, building the federal corvette with Annie ??? at the same scale evidently.

I live in France so please excuse me if my english is not allways perfect (gramatically and vocabulary speaking) but i take some lessons with my job (hehehehehe)
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Er words fail me.



Edit: I'm still trying to think of something useful to say but my mouth just keeps going up and down [woah]
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