Anarchy systems and pirates bases

Can there be pirate bases in anarchy systems pls.
These should be places which give you pirate focused missions depending on your notoriety. So the higher or the more wanted you are, the better missions would be on offer.

Missions should be pirate focused, and when you are a reaĺy good pirate super power focused.

Pirate bases should be difficult to find and in some cases really far from main star.

Should a clean cmdr attempt to dock, they should be denied access. Pirate bases only allow wanted people to dock and get a pad. Once docked, should your notoriety clean, that fine, but you would need to do something bad to regain access.

Let's give reasons to be bad in game, pirates would have a place like this.

Please introduce
i agree with this, there is no real reasons to live the life of crime or any reasonable rewards in game to be a pirate or smuggler ect in elite dangerous. i run a pvp/pve in game piracy player faction we play the BGS to expand and flip systems to anarchy system, the stations we take over always remain clean and shiney and the controllers and station announcers are always polite and well spoken when they shouldn't be in an anarchy station.

pirate bases and asteroid station with just a black market no commodities market at all just the black market and stolen good should reflect that in there value. i wouldn't lock it to wanted players only i would have it as a reverse of the C&P system where wanted ships/cmdrs with notoriety have full access but clean ships only have access to refuel and black market (as that mechanic is already in game just needs reversing) they should be a hive of villainy and scum and the missions they offer should reflect that.
Yes please.

One example of what should be an interesting pirate base is Chorel Survey in Crom. This is a permit-locked anarchy system. The system has absolutely nothing in it but the star and the outpost. Yet in the game, it's just an extraction outpost. Extracting what?
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