Ships And the winner for best "locket" ship is....

You misunderstand me. "Spring cleaning" in my case is painstakingly scrolling through the list to sell the odd cargo racks and fuel scoops that pile up in dusty corners. It's very rare that I actually sell an engineered module.
I 'found' an extra 23 slots in storage like this just last night. How many unengineered kill warrant scanners does one cmdr need anyway?
I've never understood this problem. I've been playing this game for almost four years now....and don't even have 60 modules in storage for any of my four accounts. What are all you guys keeping? I assume engineered modules?

I blame GCI and the Colonia engineers for it. Oh that looks cool, brb. And just like that another hull and fully engineered modules 30 min later.

Vipers and Vultures don't really help if you want to take your modules along on your carrier.
In that case you want as few hulls as possible with as many slot as possible (= Anaconda),
because the ship slots on a carrier are limited to ~40 (like on a starport) I carry already 30 ships on my carrier,
if I'd use a Viper and a Vulture for every storage ship, I'd be at the limit and would have less modules stored.

I hate that. I think a limit of 80 would be okish. Now that I'm a space gypsy I had to sell a few storage ships because of the 40 limit.😭
Modules in my storage:
90% engineered weapons or stockpiled PP modules
10% other modules, parked in or near systems where you may need them but can't buy them.
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