Animal excpansion/DLC for planet coaster!?

Yo guys,

I do not know about you but this game has got me hooked.
The inredible things you can do already are amazing and once the components of my new pc arrrive I'll be hooked in 60 FPS![wacky]
To me this games been actually fun. something i didn;t truly get in many games recently. However enough ranting about that.

I am a firm believer that no matter how good anything gets, It can be better! And so I do for this game. And what would be more awesome then a animal feature. I mean We can make caves we can making floating islands and we can build beautiful parks. However even just a few animals we can build reservoirs for and feed would make this one so awesome. I read somewhere frontier's working on a animal tycoon game and stuff but just imagine. You could have themed animals. Lets say you can have camels and horses for wild west. While there are Robots for future and Lions and monkeys for diverse parks. And with the better terrain editing, Ow man!

To me this would be one of the greatest ideas to do even if it's not very big. The new game definitly would have the potential. Obviously leave your ideas below bruvs, Man i love that word. I'm out doing... "Homework" [wink]



Frontier Ambassador
What we currently know is that Frontier has registered the name 'Planet Safari', just like they have registered 'Planet Coaster'. It is very well possible that they are going to use this name for an unannounced product in the future.

Personally I would love to have a new Zoo Tycoon-like game for Windows computers, especially if it's made by the team of Frontier. [heart]