Animal Feeding Stations

Hey all,

so walk-through habitats are cool, but have no special functionality at all which is kind of a shame. Something I would love to see added would be a feeding station.
This would function like a visitor facility that you place on or next to a path (like a vending machine or something) and it allows visitors to buy animal snacks (generating a little extra income for the zoo) that they can give to the animal in the walk-through habitat. This would slightly feed the animal and increase guest happiness. (And maybe create garbage, so make sure to place those bins.)
I think having a bit of guest-animal interaction like that would be a really fun thing to have. Let me know what you folks would think about that and if you have other ideas what could be done to give these habitats some more functionality.
There was a bit of a discussion about this in several other threads. This is the one I remember best but only cos I wrote something! It's not high on my priority list because frankly I don't think it's good zoo practice. I've seen it done but find it not very appealing myself for a couple of reasons 1) it forces the animals into human interaction 2) it can encourage some weird group dynamics where less shy individuals get better access to the food and in animals with complex social hierachies it can mess with that (llamas!) 3) It means you can't encourage natural foraging behaviour and 4) it means there is poor nutrition control - bluntly the greedy individuals tend to get really fat in the places I've seen it done. Personal opinion though, wouldn't upset if Frontier added it but not my cup of tea!
Fair enough from the realism point! I can see that mattering. I thought of it more from a pure gameplay perspective.
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