Animal screenshot/story suggestion

First, I love the game and appreciate all the hard work the Frontier team has put into it.

The fact that the animals in game may seem flat has long been talked about, but while I'm hopeful to see an announcement about expanding animal individuality and traits (even if no release date accompanies the announcement. I understand an update like that will be complicated and take time, but knowing that the team is actively working on it would make it much easier for me to wait), I do have a suggestion in the meantime.

With Ansel and the F12 command, taking screenshots ingame is easy and I'm rather proud of some of the shots I've gotten. But I haven't seen anywhere that I can post them in a way that they can be connected together into an album or story. I have dozens of screenshots of my Saltwater Crocodile, the daughter of a male who shortly held the record for longest lived male, until it was broken by another player. I've caught tons of cute/funny moments, and would love the ability to create and share an album of all those moments, with captions beneath each photo that tell a story of her life. It might help revitalize the community's interest in the animals, and give them a reason to look for those subtle differences in personality, if there was a dedicated site where players could post albums, or stories, with captioned screenshots. I've followed my crocodile all throughout her life (she's almost 60 now), and have absolutely noticed individual habits/traits she has, that her male partner doesn't. And aside from that, even just well-timed screenshots can make for a cute or humorous moment.

For example, I loved seeing something almost akin to glee when she followed the keeper to the blood pumpkin enrichment and waited at his feet for him to refill it for her. I happened to catch her at a moment when her expression almost looked like excitement or happiness. I think being able to share these kinds of screenshots in an album or story format, and allow other players to react and/or comment on the photo/album/story, would inspire players to look a little more closely at their animals, and seek out those cute/funny moments that can be so easily overlooked.


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That is a cute idea, would love to see something like this in-game (without having to leave the game/go to a seperate forum). There was something along those lines in Sims 3, maybe you know it :) Every player had like an in-game timeline and could post screenshots and memories for other players to look at and comment. That would be AWESOME in PZ :love:

Thank you Jileha. I've seen that forum, and it's slightly different from what I'm talking about.

The Sims 3 albums mentioned by LaSchui are pretty much exactly what I was thinking. I suggested a separate site because that could theoretically be easier to create and quicker to set up than an ingame feature, which would likely require a large game update. But obviously being able to do that ingame, where other players could see and comment, would be fantastic.
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