Animal Trading Window: Insanely Slow to Respond (Is it just me?)

Is anyone else having issues with the Animal Trading window being insanely slow to respond? I'm not just talking about the Animal Market window, which is a huge PITA for me, but the Animal Storage section is also insanely slow. If I try to click on an animal, click on Move, click on Trade, click on just about anything there... I swear it feels like I have to click 10 times, every time, before the game FINALLY responds.

My computer IS a potato for this game, so I have to run it in really low settings. (I have the textures set to Medium, for aesthetics, but everything else is set to Low or Off, I think.) But everything else runs just fine. I have virtually zero lag in every other aspect of the game. It is ONLY when I have to work in any of the sections of the Animal Trading window that I have tremendous problems.

It also feels twice as bad today as ever before, but maybe I'm just feeling particularly impatient today... I've been dealing with tons of micromanagement in my game this morning and my patience is starting to wear thin. But dang it, I want the cheetah hat!!! 😭
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