Animal Wishlist

Here is every animal I want and I'll elaborate on why.

1. Serval
-They are beautiful cats.
-Would give the game a small cat species.
-Can have fur mutations.

2. Guinea Fowl
-The African equivalent of peafowl.
-Could enrich the African grazers.
-Walkabout animal.
-Can have many color varieties.

3. Gray Fox
-Popular animal.
-Few North American animals.
-Could possibly be a canid with a climbing need.

4. Spider Monkey
-Could represent New World monkeys.
-Few South American animals.
-Game has almost no monkeys.

5. American Alligator
-Few North American animals.
-Common zoo animal (in the US).
-Can have color mutations.
-Popular animal.
-Would be great for a wetland themed zoo.
-Already has a sign.

6. Mugger Crocodile
-Uniquely social crocodilian.
-Few Indian Subcontinent animals.

7. Jaguar
-Very popular animal.
-A "black panther" variant would be awesome.
-Few South American animals.
-Found in most zoo games.

8. Cassowary
-Few Oceanian animals.
-No animals in game like it.
-Lesser known species.
-Amazingly colorful.

9. White-tailed Deer
-Few North American animals.
-Could be a walkabout animal.
-Could enrich other American herbivores.

10. Rhea
-Few South American animals.
-Little know animal.
-No Patagonian animals.

11. Scottish Wildcat
-Adds a small cat.
-No European animals.
-No animals from the British Isles.
-Very few "pure" ones left.

12. Axis Deer
-Few Indian Subcontinent animals.
-Walkabout animal.
-Could enrich peafowl.

13. Whooping/Sandhill Crane
-Few North American animals.
-Walkabout animal.
-Less shy equivalent of flamingos.
-Could enrich white-tailed deer (if added).
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Really like your list,especially the Guinea Fowl and Serval - I would like to have the Serval and Caracal ingame.
Just wanted to add that Servals,Alligators and Guinea Fowl can have more colour mutations - not only albinism or leucism.
Servals can be leucistic (appear full white or white with black,gray,golden markings),piebald (partial leucism,very very rare in servals),melanistic or freckled (like the lesser spotted cheetah variant).
Alligators can be albino,leucistic,melanistic and piebald.
The Guinea Fowl colour variatons depend on the actual wild species or if you are talking about the domesticated one.Here is just a small example of how colourful they can be:

"Guinea Fowl" does not apply to every species. The helmeted guinea fowl (arguably the most common in zoos) doesn't have a huge range of colours in its wild form. Domestic colour morphs are deliberately bred and don't happen by accident. The vulturine guinea fowl is another common one and looks more striking, but again, the range of colour isn't really there. That's not to say I wouldn't want them in-game, I see them in every zoo I go to, but I wouldn't get my hopes up about a huge range of whacky colours.

Also, the alligator doesn't have a sign in game already - it's called "alligator" but it's applied to a crocodile sillhouette. So you've got it backwards - the sign needs to be changed to "crocodile". That said, again, I definitely want the American alligator; they're common in zoos outside of America, too.
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