Animals 'escape' via overhead bridge

I have made a red panda enclosure with two parts linked by an overhead walkway

red panda.jpg

The problem is, once they go over the habitat barrier, even when they are in the other habitat, it's considered as an escape. Is there any way around this?

Arrange the habitat barrier in much height with fencing and inside place filled with small barriers, so pandas play easily inside with that small barriers and they don't try to over the main barrier, its just my suggestion try to think about it.
Connect both habitats with null barriers.

And replace the fence with a natural barrier.
I'm not sure but isn't there also a Option to use a Fence without it counting as a Part of the Enclosure? So it could be possible to still have the normal Fence in the Parts under the Bridge
Just had a thought, if I make a natural wall with rocks the keeper won’t be able to access the second part will they?
It can't be seen on the Picture how wide the Bridge is but it should work if it is wide enough. The Gorilla Enclosure in my Zoo is connected to the Indoor-Enclosure with a Glass Tunnel and the Zookeepers are able to use it without any Problems
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