Animals that should be added

Here are some animals that I think should be in Planet Zoo and why.

1) Clouded Leopard - These interesting cats are the link between big cats like tigers and small cats like Bob cats. There's no animal very similar to this one, and there pattern will dazzle many.

2) Bob Cats - We need some small cats in Planet Zoo, and bob cats are a fairly popular choice!

3) River Otter - The river otter is a very cute animal that would be great for an underwater viewing exhibit.

4) American Alligator - The alligator would be a great addition to the game to help educate more people about the differences of alligators and crocodiles.

5) Ocean/Under water animals! - This is a bit of a farfetched idea, but It would be great to be able to make an aquarium in planet zoo. Many sea creatures are endangered and planet zoo could educate more people about them. If sea creatures are implemented, some I'd like so see are: Leather back sea turtles, Marine iguanas, White tipped reef shark, and beluga whale.

Apologies if any of the animals on this list are already in the game.
I def agree on clouded leopards, I'm actually surprised by how so many people actually don't know of them. Would be nice to bring them into the limelight more.

Bobcats yes, and/or lynx would be great for some smaller cat additions. Of course with others too but those two have a special place in my Canadian heart haha
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