Dinosaurs Ankylosaurus vivid skin petition

OP, you said so yourself, it was a skin made for a charity. Petitioning for the skin to be included as part of a free update negates the purpose of the charity. It'll be more appreciated though if the skin is included in a paid DLC.
Skin's Legit, I have it. I do think it should come to everyone and if my hypothesis is correct, we could very likely be getting it with the Claire's Sanctuary DLC as a Challenge Mode Skin unlock. Those who have it already won't have to unlock it again.

I say this because every dinosaur except Ankylosaurus has 6 skins. So if there's 2 challenge mode maps with 3 new dinosaurs, one would be left over, the only one most players don't currently have. So there would be one for each new dinosaur in the DLC and one for the Ankylosaurus for everyone else.

Don't take this as fact, I don't know anything but thinking about how the game is and using logic, this isn't that farfetched of a conclusion.
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