Another beautiful, wonderful, totally enjoyable and absolutely spectacular day with no hint of stress or frustration whilst playing Elite: Dangerous..

VO mining - I outfitted Xeno's Paradox for it, figuring I'd better boost my bank account now before they nerf prices. I kitted the old girl out, scoped out the high-buying stations, and began searching around for pristine rings.

Hey - I've got time on my hands; let's do a thorough job here. I visited every ring in the area, looking for overlaps and painite spots - I've got beams as well. I took about an hour or so to chart everything in the area. Finally satisfied, I locate the largest VO spot, drop in and start pulsing....
...for bloody ever.
It's just the way it goes - you can look for a while then find a bunch of VO rocks in a close area...and that's what happened. I identified 4 glowing brightly all within probe range - nice!

So - set my charges, back off, and enjoy the explosion as my first 'roid goes boom.

I forgot the refinery.

God I love this game....
:mad: 🤬 :mad: 🤬 :mad: 🤬 :mad: 🤬 :mad: 🤬 :mad: 🤬 :mad: 🤬
I usually remember just as i hit the launch button!

On a side note our ships are magically filled with infinite probes within a class 1 DSS.... so you know..... #justsayin
Well, one is for exploration, which can go for a long, long time... and the other is Limpets.
See this is why I just keep one ship outfitted for mining, so I don't need to worry about all that. I just hop into Deep Space Mine and get to work.
Love the ship's name. My first dedicated mining ship was named "Jus Mining My Business"

As for the OP, yea I've totally never traveled 500+ ly to a spot I found while out exploring and gotten there to realize I had no refinery. Yea not me 🤥
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