Another Futile Suggestion: ENGINEERING - Provide a Mechanism to Downgrade Modifications

Unless I'm missing something, it is necessary - once upgrades have been applied (e.g., to Grade 5) - to completely remove the modifications in their entirety and start from Grade 1 if a player wishes to reduce the modification grade. No materials are returned when removing modifications either.

It is possible to change the applied secondary 'experimental effect' on the module simply by paying the necessary amount of required materials - which is good.

What I'd appreciate, Frontier, is the ability to go to whatever Grade I desire (once a modification has been unlocked from to Grade 2 - 5) - having to pay a small amount of additional materials to change the Grade. The reason behind this is because I've come to realise that it's not always necessary to go up-to Grade 5, and the negative effects of applying a Grade 5 modification cannot currently be undone unless - as just stated - removing the whole lot and going from Grade 1 again.

If I want to go down to Grade 4, I don't see why I should have to remove the lot and go up from Grade 1.

Like I said, I might be missing something here, but that's currently what I've found myself having to do with some modifications...
I despise engineering with a passion but realized I have no other choice but to participate.
I only upgrade the amount I know I'll need for the time being. Even if I have enough mats for more.

It takes a bit of pre-planning and INARA clicking but it's worth it. If I need to go higher, I can always
make another trip to the RNG.

Still better then wasting mats and having to start over if you go too far. Don't even get me started
on the ripoff Mats Traders.

And you are very correct. G5 is NOT always the best choice!
How about: provide a way to play without engineers?
This way exists, just don't expect your ships to be top notch.

I agree G5 is not the best option at all times, I for instance modify my PP as little as needed to power the modules to keep the heat as low as possible.

I too would want a way to remove excess engineering sometimes, even if it costs me additionally (less than modifying it from the start).
I would go with the ability to be able to "Salvage a level of engineering" where a portion of the materials used could be recovered perhaps for a fee (Credits). After salvaging G5 for example, you would get a random amount of the materials used to engineer G5 (up to a notional limit) and be left with a notionally random level of G4 engineered module. Salvaging a G1 engineered module should probably not return any materials. Salvaging an Experimental Upgrade might be treated on similar grounds - a lower cap on the returned materials percentage wise perhaps?

This would address the OP's apparent desire to undo engineering application and enable players to engineer early/experiment more and then recover at least some of the materials used before selling off redundant modules that may never get used again. Further to this, there is a precedent set by other MMO crafting systems which Engineering in ED is analogous to.
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