After “working” my way to unlock FF to get my g5 fsd I completely abandoned engineers. Now that I have all ships in the game (except the cutter due to money and laziness), I feel like I can’t postpone this anymore and need to engineer a ship. Maybe I like torturing myself too.

In the process I plan to collect materials with an anny or my python and lightly engineer them as well.

Anyway, I read a lot of threads and got a few ideas from other people and came up to this outfit.

Some upgrades may not make sense (fast scan on kws or long range on d scan), but those are preferences: dont like waiting for kws and like a +3 range on the thing, and like range 6+ on scan but want to keep speed up. Others I am not so sure: all thermal shields and boost, wpn special effects, scb+hs or one more boost instead, etc. I would love to get some inputs.
It's all about managing power with the Vulture but getting balanced shield and armour resistances are important too, I've used KWS in the past and they do make a bit of extra cash but TBH I feel it's not worth the effort unless you're in an anarchy system.

I usually fit one thermal and one kinetic booster with a thermal bi-weave to get a balanced spread of resistances and reactive armour with a thermal mod achieves a similar result, I also find using fixed weapons on a Vulture with a G5 DDT 5A thruster really hard work as the extreme agility make target tracking quite difficult so I usually fit a G5 DDT 5C thruster to make life a little easier (and help with power issues).

A 5B SCB has a little more capacity and less power drain, I'd also suggest long range on the laser as a mod as this extends damage fall off significantly but it's all down to combat style I prefer rapid fire lasers and closing on the target but you pays yer money..... J mod
Most of that makes perfect sense. (although it doesn't look very good for anything ...)
I can drop my own for inspiration, but you've got a lot of balances covered:

That fuel scoop looks like all it'll be good for is waiting a lot in front of stars - or super charging.

If the thermal vent can cover a shield cell you can probably drop the heat sink.
Thanks for the inputs. You think the termsl vent on the beam will actually reduce heat for the scb? I don’t know how it works, never engineered any weapons.

I made some changes according to the points you guys made.

The 2A and 1A are really hard to figure a usage. Either a scoop for moving around, but frankly I hear what you say about sitting for 2 min cooking, and I think I will most likely ferry it if transport is needed. So removed. For BH a kws is not needed, as I don’t need cash, but some missions require a scan? Purpose of the build is to be able to take large ships, baring in mind my noobish skills. I want this to do missions, hunt pirates and such while having a fun ship. I am tired of BH CGing with a conda or vette, rather have fun.
A 5scbB makes much more sense, you are right. And nice call on the drive, I have no idea how these will handle. Thanks. Made other changes (see above post).

It is hard to know how the ship will handle heat and power distribution using coriolis alone. If you have more tips to make this pirate hunting worthy, please let me know.
If the vent doesn't cover the shield cells I really don't know why you have it. It's too small to make any difference and you've got no other heat sources.

I always fill the smallest slots with module reinforcements as you can see (3 of them result in almost 100% internal module protection). Occasionally I replace one with an interdictor when the need arises (or the size 2 with an SRV).

Also no missions require a body scanner for all I know. You can always just scan the nav beacon.
Ditched the scanner, I was thinking more about the kws on pirate hunting missions and such. But since these can be put on anytime I may as well concentrate on the base ship instead, so I replaced all unnecessary parts for raw reinforcements. Ditched the heatsink and scb. My thinking here is that I loose 2modules to have that and a weaker shield strenght. Once shields are down I might as well disengage.

Now my biggest gripe is with the weapons. Everywhere I read about special effects and mods people always have multiple weapons (2 cannons etc). I am thinking efficient and thermal vent on beam and overcharge and corrosive on the mc. My understanding is that corrosive would benefit the beam in taking out hull too?
Only against ships with a hardness above 50.

Also if you do a long range vent beam, I recommend only rolling G1 until you get a good distributor draw reduction.
I am beginning to think this is so complex and RnG/luck dependsble that one needs to be an actual gambling engineer to get it right lol. Thanks for the input again, it makes sense since even a g1 will increase range enough. However I am finally coming to the conclusion that beams are far from the best thing to have in this ship, perhaps two cannons, even g3 are easier to get and produce better results. It does seem kind of pointless to go after g5 mods now, even poweplant may not be needed.
The RNG aspect can frustrate people but grade 5 mods can add 50% range, 30% speed, superior weapons, better shields etc so there's a lot to be gained, I'd suggest getting a decent FSD mod, a grade 1 OC powerplant mod and a G3 DDT thruster upgrade all from FF then fit stock weapons and shields and try different combinations as there's no perfect loadout just one (or several!) that works for you.

For example the rapid fire pulse I use has jitter but close in it doesn't matter, they also run hot but I use a low emissions plant to keep the heat under control, essentially with each ship it's a case of maximising it's positive attributes and minimising it's downsides
Ill definitely take that advice, seems to be the best approach. Thanks so much for the lessons here, I hope FD makes the system a bit better in the future.
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