Anti Aisling ?

I have tried different options as far as I know how but setting it to run aplication settings on 'high' isn't very smooth. I just wondered if this will be improved or something else I can do?
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I would also like to know the same. I have the game set to high grafics in the options, but I can still see edgy lines around objects. I am quite sensitive to noticing it though. I can see there is some degree of anti-aliasing happening, I'd just like to increase it.

Overriding the settings in the grafics card driver (AMD Radeon Settings) didn't work.
If you have an AMD or Nvidia card you can set custom levels of AA ect using either AMD Catalyst or Nvidia Control panel.
Edit: Would help if i read all comments :( I use Nvidia so i dont know what else you can do.

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