Anti-Xeno combat is still totally busted.

So, now that the bubble has been attacked for the first time since the release of the new conflict zones, i thought i would go and check out the new conflict zones in a well modified Krait 2 with guardian weapons and... i was disappointed again, met with a very unbalanced and pretty much unplayable experience.

When you drop into the conflict zone, you are contacted with a request to join the fight (weird since i already decided to drop in) and a bunch of small NPC ships with AX cannons and missiles fighting thargoid scouts. Most of them are marauders, but there are occasional special variants too and... that's the point where i started to get an idea that something was a bit wrong. I only just GOT here and the special ones are already out?

That was a little bit weird, but with a lot of other NPC ships they do get distracted, so they definitely don't focus on you all the time. Plus, the scouts don't have health regeneration, meaning the AX guns work against them. So it's fine, at this point.

And then... immediately after, it completely falls apart. Not one, but TWO interceptors will jump in after some scout kills, firing off a shutdown blast that will turn off every single ship in the area, unless you resist it with the special utility.

In addition, the interceptors are not just Cyclops, but of COMPLETELY RANDOM super strength. These are boss enemies!
So, you can have a Hydra or two after you after only staying in the conflict zone for a few minutes. Needless to say, the NPC vipers around you are just nothing but cannon fodder for distracting the several scouts and two(!) interceptors, immediately. Good luck!

We have a difficulty progression that goes from manageable for a single person, then IMMEDIATELY to something that would be a major challenge for even an entire, highly trained wing, and that's really awful. You get to shoot a few scouts, and then you have a massive brick wall that smashes 99% of pilots out of the area showing up.

Conflict zones really can not progress based on complete randomness, with what seems to be an assumption that you're an entire group of good players.
Do scouts, scout variants, cyclops, cyclops with scouts, and so on. That would actually be able to push through quickly by several good players to the real hard parts, and still be possible to do for solo players.

Oh, and there's still no missions for any of this. No rewards at all, other than some credits which might just barely cover your repair costs. Apparently there are missions to kill them now, but I checked at 2 Aegis megaships, and all they have is source and return missions for basic supplies. It might be bugged.
Either way, dropped the ball big time, again.
I kinda agree.
I can manage a cyclops just fine. Anything after that is not gonna happen to me. (well with one basalisk kill...)
So i went to drop in a incursion zone. Dropped a few scouts. then suddenly.. 2 Medusa's! 2! Two! And indeed the NPC's wont help at all! I survived but the repairs was more than my gained credits. So in other words..
Not gonna bother....

Then again at the topic starter.. we will get new weapons :) Soon (tm) I remember a whole lot of mycoid stuff on reddit somewere. So the grind.. here i come! (soon tm)
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