Any avid PVP Type 10 pilots??

Above see the link to a draft I've made. Suggestions, comments, experiences welcome within here. Just considering on flying one is all. For the lols XD
You will last long for sure.
That one will be very slow.
Are you going to shoot another Type-10 which is in front of you with the fixed lasers?

Edit: fixed inertial impact bursts - the target should be big and close.
switch to grade 3/2 module reinf and equip AFM, repair it over battle
dont use lasers on small and medium hardpoints, get packhounds, rails or something..
guardian powerplant is good substitute for 8B reinf in case you need more power
scrap those biweaves, they are the worst possible shields on type 10 with its power distributor..
You dont need resistance augment in 2019

edit: oh gosh those are fixed ? what are you thinking ?
7B thrusters ? 🤔
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Not sure if you will be hitting anything with those large fixed pulses with inertial impact.
3° Jitter - shoot anything farther than 500m and you will see lots of misses. Assuming of course you dont plan to shoot a Coriolis Base.
Also, any pvp-er will stay out of your sight like 99.9% of the time - assuming of course you don't plan to engage in duels against similarly outfitted t9/t10

The Replicated Man

The ship seems tanky enough. Your problem is going to be that that bi weave doesn't have enough MJ to really last that long. Especially due to the Type 10's size. With those Armored drives you won't be catching anything, and you will barely be able to turn. You will get outturned and die slowly. The fixed burst lasers are a good idea, just not for the T-10 due to the hardpoint convergance. You won't be hitting anything.

I recommend you Throw G5 Dirty Drives(Drag Drives) on there, 8A Plant G5 Armored (Monstered) a 8A Reinforced Shield with a 8A shield cell bank (Hot bank) and keep the armor.

It's a tough 1v1 ship and with a full multicannon and Frag setup its not bad.

IMHO, Build a Conda or a Vette. You will be much happier, be able to move and survive longer.
I've flown all of the big ships and built PvP variants of them.
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i'd swap for 8A prismatics since cancelling SCB on that slow huge target will be ez pz

even if theoretically you can squeeze more MJ from a size 8 SCB in reality any pilot with cascade rails cancels 90% of it every battle

i've only ever seen t-10 succeed as meme boats, like launching a crapton of torps at once and just melting some scrub in one volley for lulz
Also that t-10 can't actually outrun torps which could be problematic. Any combat ship should be able to outrun torps. I get why the sturdy B - it's not like that ship is going to outrun any other warship so trying to avoid getting the thrusters shot out.

But if you get torped well then the thrusters are going to be easier not harder to snipe... I'd take my chances with A rated DDs

Above see the link to a draft I've made. Suggestions, comments, experiences welcome within here. Just considering on flying one is all. For the lols XD
I have a similar build but with reactive armour and all cascade torp loadout. 5A Long range sensors, no shields, beefier hull, all heatsinks to break locks. The ship never gets up close and personal. A lot of fun, although I prefer the Krait MKII for PvP - Triple long range plasmas with dual cascade torps = Massive amount of fun
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