Any good combat anaconda builds?

PVE I use all efficient gimballed pulse lasers with a large and a huge multicannon underneath one caustic for the damage boost, the biggest bi-weave I can fit plus boosters and a pair of scb's that have corresponding heat sink launchers modded so the ammo count is the same. Best thrusters, FSD, power and distributor. D-rate life support and sensors if power is an issue (it isn't for me due to efficient weps). Fill the rest with MRP's/HRP's and a fighter bay, fuel scoop if you want (always for me).

I also use it for evacuation and trade by simply swapping the HRP's/MRP's for cargo or passenger bays, and keep all three types of module at my home station.
Build her to 945 tonnes, which is dd5 minimum mass, using 7a distributor and powerplant. Then it would fly like an unmodded FDL. A tonne above it and she would fly like a fat cow again. Would be below average for PvP, but it would be best thing ever for PvE.

You can skip SCBs and go with 8A distributor and ENH LP prismatics, but it won't be as versatile.
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Corrosive racks
OA shield boosters
Reactive Armor
Victor COVAS
Elite rank
Thargoid weapons
Enhanced Performance Thrusters

Alternatively, engineer your SCBs up with the Specialized modification - that way they'll give you less heat. On my Conda, a class 6A SCB thus engineered, when activated, makes the heat gauge rise to 105% before dropping again, giving very minor module damage. This lets you use the utility slots for shield boosters instead of heat sinks, improving your ship's overall durability at very little cost.,KNIGt40upD8qoqT000rD00KLyGt40upD8qoiT000rD00EkiGp4AxhXCthUIxCgMypDEkiGp4AxhXCthUIxCgMypDEjSGp4AxhXCthUIxCpMypDEjSGp4AxhXCthUIxCpMypDEi2Gp4AxhXCthXIxCpMypDEi2Gp4AxhXCthXIxCpMypD,DBwGp416004qpD8u00Cw58DBwGp416004qpD8u00Cw58DBwGp416004qpD8u00Cw58DBwGr56phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSADBwGr56phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSADBwGr56phX8u00IrSAMrSAQrSACjw0Cjw0,9opGs38phXEwPcGphXADIGM36oPc8s58CoPcARMGp56qpD8phMEq00GwPcKypDAfQGp40upD6qpD8qpDGyPcAtyGf22_006wPcBBoGo6IkPcKxCpQkPcSxCpYkPcaxCpBRuGp32_Pc6y00Iu00Bcg0,16yGp50wPc4zmfAqpKEqpKIqpK,7WCGr34wPcasPcgy007jwGf56sPc8u00Ev7iOoPcUthX7jwGf56sPc8u00Ev7iOoPcUthX1tO016yGp50wPc4zmfAqpKEqpKIqpK16yGp50wPc4zmfAqpKEqpKIqpK16yGp50wPc4zmfAqpKEqpKIqpK23u023u015OGp50wPc4zmfAqpDEqpDIqpD12GGp50wPc4zmfAqpDEqpDIqpD


Thermal Conduit on every weapon (It's worth it)

Monstered on the PP

Charge increase experimental on the PD

Chrage increase expermimental on the Shield

Boost the shield boosters and hrps even higher

The resistance augmented ones will get a resistance special though, thermal or kinetic if possible

Fly with 3 pips to wep to keep your turrets on infinite fire and 4 to recharge after you have shot your PAs three times in a row.

You WANT heat in this build as it inceases your dmg output of every weapon form at least 70% on upwards.
Your PA's WILL get you there quick.
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