Any News on Broken horizons for accounts on PS4

They answered 2 questions - someone else just saying they don't have access to Horizons (that everyone should have) then mine specifically about PS4 Horizons. And suggest support / issue tracker.


Fair enough if they'd said "We have no updates", or even "contact Support - the issue is known but we need to update every affected account". But this was a generic "We have no insight into this, do the usual things" - which is pretty poor after nearly a month.

(The link should work - the twitch embedded player is bust, as it has been for months ....)
And they are supposed to be community managers...

Btw, nice definition of CM's:
The role of a community manager is to act as the bridge between a brand and the community it is aiming to create (i.e. a loyal audience or group of core consumers connected by a similar interest). They should be the brand's ambassador, engaging with potential customers and building relationships with existing ones.

Instead they discovered laser mining and were so excited about it that they needed to stream it live...
@Stephen Benedetti @Bruce G
Honestly, i like Steve and Bruce. They actually seen to play the game.
The problem is higher up than the guys shoved to the front imo.
It is the job they get payed for but...
Honestly, i like Steve and Bruce. They actually seen to play the game.
The problem is higher up than the guys shoved to the front imo.
It is the job they get payed for but...
I get you but as @Factabulous stated, their response when asked about it(after more than a month of issue) is not acceptable.
Maybe they are a nice guys, but they seem(to me) poor community managers.
Seems they never know about ongoing issues with game and never have any valid responses for them.
They're essentially hype men basically. They aren't here to be the bridge between the community and the brand / developers like they should be. They're here to say "look at this thing" and that's it.
It is ludicrous that nothing has been said about this issue except "we're looking into it" early on. No updates, possible explanation for why it's happening or anything.
Problem still persists for me. I've tried restoring licenses multiple times and still no joy. I didn't get it free with any update, mind you; In December 2019 bought the full deluxe (digital) version which included Horizons. Bottom line is I paid for something they have now taken away from me.
You aren't the only one. I still can't believe this is even still a problem after this amount of time. Let alone something they haven't even said anything about.
But, hey. They'll soon be nothing but chatty when it comes to trying to sell you on Odyssey...
Did you contact support, Just asking so that it's abundantly clear to the Community management. If they happen to look here.
Still an issue ,still no real answer I see. At least the support team seem aware of the issue, the longer this goes the lower my desire to buy Odyssey goes.
Same. My interest in Odyssey is waining. And not because of how it looks, but purely because of all this and how they're handling it.
Because whose to say I don't suddenly lose access to Odyssey for over a month+ too for no reason out of the blue? And why would I think they'd actually address the issue if that did happen? Ask the community managers in a stream? Nope. They'll be clueless on anything but this thing they wanna show you. And even if I didn't lose access, wouldn't matter anyways because I can't land on planets to go do things on foot anyways. But hey, at least i could still walk around a space station and get told I can't pick up a mission because i don't have a planetary landing module installed even though i do.

Support Luna

Customer Support
Hello all.

I'll start by saying that I completely understand the frustration over this. It's now quite a long running issue, during which time many of you simply haven't had the access you paid for.

We ARE aware this issue exists, and we ARE actively investigating. It's unfortunately not proving as easy as we would like to pin it down to its root cause. Not all PS4 accounts are affected, and for the accounts that are, there seem to still be some inconsistencies.

I would like to ask that anyone still affected by this DM me some specific information. We in CS have of course been monitoring and collating data via the support tickets we receive, but my aim here is to gather targeted information from as many affected people as possible, all in one place.

First and foremost, make sure that if you haven't already, you try the 'restore licenses' option:

1. Close the game
2. Go to PS4 settings
3. Go to Account Management
4. Go to Restore Licenses
5. Click Restore
6. Restart PS4
7. Launch game

If this has no effect (I know some here have confirmed that to be the case, but there are those who report differently. We just need to separate the two) please DM the following to me:

1) Is this your main PS4 account (the primary console account and/or the account that actually bought ED, rather than an alt account sharing the access)
2) If you have an alt, is only the alt affected?
3) Your PSN ID (online name) for the affected account, and also the PSN ID of the main account, even if it's just your alt experiencing the issue.
4) Does Horizons definitely show as installed on your console
5) Do you still have access to all Horizons features bar planetary landing, and fighter launch?

I'd ask that you please respect my open DMs and only message with regard to this specific issue, sticking to the requested info, though if you feel you can provide anything else you've observed that may be pertinent please feel free to include it! Do also understand that I'm unlikely to send individual responses unless I specifically require further clarification on anything you've sent.

If you have other, unrelated support queries, please raise a ticket as usual via our support site.

In the meantime, you have my most sincere apologies for the inconvenience this issue is causing you all.

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