Any word on when the next Interstellar Initiative will be coming our way?


With a 200+ page thread we can see the last one was quite well received :) It finished on the 8th August, so we're coming up for a month ago now (if we exclude the extra fun after it closed in repairing all the starports - which was a nice bonus). So - any clue on a date? or are we waiting until the September 18th update drops?

(Oh, and if anyone knows whether fdev plan to unlock the Witch Head BGS any time soon we'd love to know that too, even though Ian assures us it's not an option :) )
My guess is October or if we're unlucky November. Probably wouldn't make a lot of sense to cram it in before the September update goes live.

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Given how long they run, I'd expect the next one to start a while after the September Update is released.

CGs typically were paused before major updates as well, so II are likely no different.
These seem to be as popular and engaging as those Squadron League tables... Remember when those were a thing?
As long as player create CG are stilll running then there wont be a new II announcement..
So still 1 day and 4 hours to go... till peps will know if the next CG starts on thursday or not...
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