Any word on when the next Interstellar Initiative will be coming our way?

Hi Will, your hyperlink to the September Update live stream seems to be broken? :D
Ice water? don't be silly it comes with two fire extinguisher for a reason!

Fun fact, the text on one of these fire extinguisher used to be reversed back in 2.4 beta, rumor has it this was when the heat bug was created.
Well of course, after all the reverse of a fire extinguisher is a fire starter, twisted or what.
Fun fact 2: They're not fire extinguishers, they're flares. There's your heat bug, right there cmdr! 😉

and i quote from the horses mouth that is frontier official patch notes.

  • Flipped some text on the cockpit fire extinguisher

so like that scene in liar liar where he tries to desribe the blue pen as red... or the fire extinguisher as a flare in this case

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