Anyone else having trouble launching the game?


From the menu. I can do the training missions but can neither launch solo nor open. I get a CE-34878-0 error. Are servers running ok?
I am not able to try at the moment but you can check server status here (although I find it is not always reliable – doesn't always show when the servers are down for Thursday morning maintenance)
I’ve been having this problem too, in cqc, when game ends and attempts to go to rewards screen it crashes with this error. Lots of info in google about this PlayStation error code.
First thing to try is switch off PlayStation, remove power cord , leave for 30+ seconds, replace and switch on as normal. This purges the ps cache.
I’ve just done this and cqc didn’t crash, but more testing tonite on my other account.....I’ll let you know.

This only started happening since the PlayStation system update a few of days ago.
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