Anyone else preping a Ship for the Thargoid's?

I am, kinda. Since I don't know what the future Engineers requirements would be, I've balanced all there is. Mats/Data full with everything and waiting.
Not specifically. I have a few decent combat ships in storage, and I've recently embarked on a quest to reroll most of the mods on my Cutter. But until we find out what ship qualities are important for fighting thargoids and see the stats of the new modules I won't know which of them will be fitted for hunting aliens.
All my ships have A-rated power plants, shield generators (except the Cutter :x), fuel-scoops and power distributors. Since our current weapons technology will apparently be ineffective against the aliens I suppose most if not all of my ships are ready as they will ever be and likewise awaiting new technology. Looking forward to hopefully not having to sell several ships to pay for that new, effective weapons technology . . . o7
No prep required - Currently, Thargoids appear, ship powers down and you go pop! - So I will stick to a sidewinder until we have a solution to their EMP. (Cheaper Rebuy)
you have a lot of fragment cannons. I thought the thargoids would need new weapons to be taken down
Just a Place holder for now, But must admit, I do like them, +/- 20 seconds to kill and Elite Anaconda if you catch them at the right angle i.e. select the power-plant and approach from the low six to within 300-400 meters and then open up with all weapons.
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No prep required - Currently, Thargoids appear, ship powers down and you go pop! - So I will stick to a sidewinder until we have a solution to their EMP. (Cheaper Rebuy)
This! ^^

DB himself says something about how he likes 'Aliens' to not conform to some kind of cliche, and as such, i'm certain you can expect their technology to be as tolerant to engineered super weapons as your standard pea shooter on a sidewinder.

Be interesting to see if might, or tactics is the key to popping a Thargoid ship. My money is on the latter. We all saw Independence day or war of the worlds, sometimes brute force serves no purpose :)

Maybe we just have the board their ships, and start sneezing? ;)
Although not because of Thargoids, I'm slowly finishing all my Engineer work, Ship by Ship.

Basically want do be "Engineers : done" for every single one.
When that is done, I'll take it from there, should more work be required.
Can't really prepare more than engineering everything, especially for running speed and shield strength and putting cash aside to evacuate if needed.
We are cannon fodder, nothing more. If the Thargoid scout ships can easily destroy a fleet of Farragut-Class battleships, none of our toy ships has any chance of engaging them, especially one-on-one. The more upscale/engineered modules one buys just drives up the cost of rebuys. The only thing I'm doing is grinding credits in anticipation of staring at the rebuy screen many, many times until new strategies or technologies are made available to risk a Corvette or any other high-end ship.

Disposable ships are where the action is going to be for a while. Welcome to the bottom of the food-chain!
I'll see if the new gameplay being added merits the effort first... ie: If it's just rebadged CZs, I'll skip...
I have an moderately engineered FdL sitting in moth-ball. I will start my thargoid assault with the FdL, and see how I fare. The plan would be to get back into my FAS, as soon as I rate the threat.
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