Anyone else preping a Ship for the Thargoid's?

Work on mats and data, people. Stock all nice and equal. No one knows what'll be needed and this way you'll have 15-20 immediately.
For sure I am preping my ship for the thargoids...
I want to make sure I will already be thousands of Ly away from the bubble when they arrive [where is it]
yea, preping for thargoids.. like we will be engineering those super mega goidblasters to face bugs and not at all our own kind lol
I don't see the point until we have more info.

All my combat ships are A rated/Grade 5 Engineered to the hilt, so whenever those new weapons come online, I plan to install them if that turns out to be the way all this goes down.

In the meantime, it is the usual waiting game. ;)
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There is no point. I have concerns over Frontier's idea of balance when it comes to Thargoids. I would imagine that any current ship, no matter how engineered, won't make a dent in a Thargoid ship. However, once you outfit a special, super thargoid weapon, you'll be able to down thargoid ships no matter if you're engineered or not. That's how I predict FD will balance "Thargoids v1".

There is no point in grinding for new things. They are always set at ridiculous levels of grind (remember v1 of "The Engineers"). Just wait a few months and they'll be handing thargoid weapons to you on a plate as soon as you log into the game, or install a passenger cabin.
I see no reason to prepare a ship for a battle that will remain unknown until we engage. We're just spinning our wheels in that case.

Other than the non-combat mods, of course. Fast drives and long range FSD makes sense in any case.

Our most effective weapon will likely be something we haven't considered yet. Like a modded Basic Discovery Scanner. Their technology is pretty foreign to us.
Can't say I am preparing ships specifically for Thargoids, it is not possible yet, but I moved my raider squadron - Conda, Python, Asp and Cobra to Merope. They are all A rated and 100% engineered in universal, but mostly combat configuration.

Meanwhile I returned to bubble, where my other 12 ships stay for now. I guess I'll be able to "finish" the game before shooting starts - I am neither King nor full Admiral yet, but there is not much left of measurable grind except that :)
FWIW, I started deploying a small fleet to Merope some months ago, currently consisting of

FNS Omaha Thunder (Corvette)
FNS Domingo Montoya (Gunship)
FNS Lawrence of Arabia (Vulture)
FNS Straylight (Viper IV)

in case of combat action, supported by

FNS Gipsy Moth (AspX)
FNS Merope Star (Conda)
FNS Onesimus (Python)
FNS Rowen Sears (Cobra Mk III)

to fulfill all kinds of different tasks and provide the shuttle service to Shinrarta. Plus all kinds of spare parts.

All of them A-rated & fully engineered, ofc, apart from Palin, resources are limited down there.

Don't know if it will help much with the Thargoids, but nowadays many CGs are set in the Pleiades, there is always a war in Maia and Merope has the best hazres in the galaxy, so I am quite content :)

Currently, the biggest threat are the suicidal skimmer drones that haunt Alcazar's Hope, though.

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Kinda prepping.

I basically just unlocked Prismatic shields, and fitted then to my main combat capable ships.

My FDL is parked in Maia. But not for the Thargoids. I transferred it down there and forgot about it. :p
I don't really use it anymore, but I'll hang on to it just in case. :)

CMDR Cosmic Spacehead
I suspect we will get a utility module that will somewhat mitigate the effect the Thargoids can have on our existing systems - so instead of going dead they will merely "scramble" a bit - like when you drive the SRV up to the crashed "ships" doors - maybe also some kind of "chaff". And I do expect something out of the research bases in California - new engineer effects perhaps ? - all my ships are based out of Ford Research now - mainly setting up my Python for whatever comes along.
I'm engineering my drives for running. The screaming I'll do myself.
Get your "Brave Sir Robin" drives here! not only does it jump your further and faster than any over drive on the market, but the low frequency vibrations generated by the drive in action makes sure that you soil your spacesuit when you jump.


"We're going all the way to brown alert!"
I put together an engineered explorer fitted with specialized equipment for light shields, armor, and weapons, all waiting for something like this. Kitted to explore deep space yet beat any current NPC with ease, with minimal FSD loss yet excellent protection and reusable attack power for what it is.

It's complete overkill for now since exploration as it stands is the opposite of dangerous, but if Thargoids or some other form of content gets added that makes deep space interesting it will be ready.
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