[INDEPENDENT] [AOD] Angels of Death | Multi-Game Clan with Over 3000 Members | PvE, BGS (In-Game Faction), PvP (No Murder / Griefing)

I signed up and got accepted. I haven't done the discord thing yet. TBH i've been kinda nervous.....lol.
Hi Sethiest! We're a super relaxed group and have a team of great officers who will make it super easy for you to get everything set up. All you need to do is send a message on our Discord to @Elite Dangerous Officer with some basic text along the lines of I'm ready to finalize my app whenever you guys are online. If someone's online, they'll respond right away or use your message to send you a reply when they are.

Last night we just took our new members mining and made them a ton of money. I imagine tonight we'll be fighting in a few battles across our systems and possibly some group mining later in the evening.

Cheers and looking forward to flying with you!

Welcome to AOD Setheist as well and Haelnorr. Our latest recruits that found their way to us via this thread. Always nice to expand our EU and AUS member numbers.
It's been a hot minute, but I'd like to congratulate our members on successfully expanding into our largest population system to date. With this expansion we are one step closer to moving into the top 25 largest PMF in the Galaxy. The next couple months will be an exciting time and if you're looking for an active group or looking to join a group that is more active AOD would love to have you.
We just had our monthly division meeting with an excellent turnout and many dedicated members were promoted within the division for their amazing dedication! We seriously have an awesome bunch here and we're always looking for more fun people to hang out with. If you're just looking for a fun group that's active with lots of weekly events, then AOD is for you!


Can confirm that AoD are a great, friendly active group to play with. The sign up process is a little full on, but when you get through it you'll have no shortage of great people to play with.

Super friendly guys who are happy to help and play with you.

Oh and if you were worried about the "always on teamspeak" rule, you shouldn't be. There are quiet rooms for those times where you just wanna chill and play music or whatever. You can get out of the group as much as you want to put in.
I am afraid we are a PC only clan. Elite Dangerous is just one of many divisions within our clan that support more than 18 game titles.
4 of our recruits over the last 2 weeks have only just picked up the game. So whether your brand new! Or whether your a Veteran looking for a new family! AOD is the place for you! New weekly events to be announced very soon to add even more fun times for our members!
Awesome stuff Furyan! We're excited to be kicking off a whole new line of events in the coming weeks! Come check us out and take part in some fun parts of the game that can only be done in a group.
PvP training and PvP system patrol events are also coming soon!

If your looking to improve your piloting skills, want to know how best to build a PvP specced ship, need advice on engineering to push your ship to its limits consider joining AOD!
Exciting times for the PMF we support. Last 3 expansions taking them to systems with multiple billions of people. Will shortly be taking control of the first of these with it's 2.42 billion population, the other two having 12.66 and 1.80 billion respectively won't be far behind.

Come join this ever growing Squadron (7 new recruits this week!!!!) Lots of group fun to be had even on days group activities are not organised.
What ever role you want to do, we have the pilots that can help you figure it out and will fly with you so you never have to fly alone again! (Unless you want to ;) )
Can confirm, great squadron!

All super helpful and patient with me, a new player that ask a lot of questions.

Already had my first experience of multi-crew conflict zones and it was hella fun.

Come check em' out.

Fly dangerously o7
Little BGS update!!

The PMF we support now controls 16 of the 18 systems it is present in and just more than doubled its population with its most recent war for control.

We are still taking in recruits no matter your experience or skill level. So if your interested in a fast growing Squadron and PMF come check us out!
I used to run with the Planetside 2 division of AOD under Kestah and Cintesis(sp?), among other guys. Great group of people. Good to see the clan is still going well! Best of luck to you guys.
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Thanks Rixxan! The Planetside 2 Division is still going strong under Kestah and is still one of out biggest!

Great interview btw in the 'Featured Commanders', best of luck to your Squadron too!
I'm looking for a group to join up with that flies around the same time as I, usually around 3-6 elite time (late evening North America Mountain time). Even more interested in joining up with a group with these new fleet ships coming out! Anyways, looks like you guys are into a whole lot of fun stuff I'd be interested in.

Do you play same times as me?

I'd been primarily Fed aligned, but switching Independent wouldn't be an issue. At some point I may want to finish grinding out my rank for the Corvette though.
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