[INDEPENDENT] [AOD] Angels of Death | Multi-Game Clan with Over 3000 Members | PvE, BGS (In-Game Faction), PvP (No Murder / Griefing)

Hi CMDR BH Surfer!
About 50% of our pilots, probably closer to 60% are from NA. But we have members from UK, EU and AUS so always people on to play with. I myself am still tipping away at the Fed Rank which you can still do as an independent pilot. PowerPlay allegiances don’t matter to us as we don’t involve ourselves in it as a Squadron!
3 recruits in past 2 days!

We've started mapping some Panite runs, we currently have a 522 ton double panite run that can be completed in around 1h.

If your looking to make bank for the new Fleet Carriers arriving in game soon then come find out how to make serious mining credits!

Join AOD!
It has been an amazing recruitment month, this month, with 18 new members!!
Most are raw recruits with very little game time or returning players that took a long break from the game, which is great as we thrive on helping others become self-sufficient to make the most of their gaming experience.
We've got another amazing month ahead of us here already! Lots of new events coming up and a big group effort to make sure everyone is ready to buy a fleet carrier on day 1! Come check it out and get in on the fun!
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