[INDEPENDENT] [AOD] Angels of Death | Multi-Game Clan with Over 3000 Members | PvE, BGS (In-Game Faction), PvP (No Murder / Griefing)

So what is the New Year bringing to the Angels of Death!? Sign up to find out! With monthly meetings for all our members to be informed of upcoming changes, events and goals for the squadron as well as promotions to those members most deserving.

At AOD we are doing it all, no matter what activity you like to do in-game, you will find other like minded pilots here.

Come join the fun!
As a group we just brought down another Hydra in our Thargoid hunting event! We're now helping evac passengers and trading medicines to the megaships above the damaged stations.

We also have regular mining events, a very active BGS crew and a top-notch PVP wing!

Come check us out and join in on the fun!
So what’s new for AOD!?
Some new friends! Maybe even some new enemies!?
Now running weekly PvP anti-piracy/ganking operations as well as PvP training from our experts.
Also offering bi-weekly Thargoid Hunts for the experienced and uninitiated alike.
These have been real popular additions to our weekly Mining Monday’s event.
New events still in the planning stages, with great ideas coming from new recruits as well as veteran members.
Come join the fun!
AOD dispatched another Hydra over the weekend with 5 members breaking their ‘Thargoid cherry’ and helping achieve a kill on all four classes of interceptor. We are always recruiting so come check us out!
We've got another Thargoid event and a racing event this weekend! We have a ton of members signed up for each and have been averaging 10+ people online every night, come join in on the fun!
Our daily activities continue to grow. BGS activities are solid. Thargoids get wrecked plus numerous other activities. Come join us at AOD
We've expanded yet again and are at war against another faction for control over a new system. Come join the fight and help us expand our space!
Greetings everyone. Our continued expansion efforts have paid off as we move into a new system. In addition, we have upcoming racing and mining events. Come join us in our shenanigans.
Getting ready for another weekend of prepping for fleet carriers and trying to get everyone enough cash to buy one! Come join us and get in on the fun!
We're out mining, trading and running missions just about every night now to try to get everyone who wants one enough money for fleet carriers. Come apply at our website to get in on the fun!
With the stream to reveal more details of the upcoming Fleet Carriers set to go live within the next hour exciting is growing here! We are running group mining daily now to help those CMDR’s who are short on credits as the expected June release date fast approaches.

That’s not all that is going on though, we are dabbling in all content this game has to offer, including SRV racing and brake neck canyon racing.

On top of all that the faction we support has just claimed control of its 24th system. Always plenty to do and plenty to do it with here at AOD!
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