Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Expedition

Just signed up for this. It'll be my first proper expedition, although just finished a visit of Witch Head, Orion, Running Man nebulae & on my way to California, before heading back to the bubble. Looking forward to it!
Is it enough to visit 8 points of systems? Do you need to scan or land on satellites?
I believe once you enter the waypoint system and scan the Main Body, (Discovery Scanner automatically scans system), EDSM picks this up from ED using the API and records it in the Expedition Waypoints progress bars. I don't think any of the waypoints require landing on planets/bodies/satellites.
Oi, CMDR's!

I'm looking at this...14 days and only 5kly's...is there a meetup every other night? I saw the waypoints on EDSM but didn't see any other details.

I'm open to the fact that I've missed something, though.
My application(s) to FleetComm have been approved, I've signed up on EDSM and I'm in the process of engineering my alt account a decent exploration Phantom for the expedition.

My main account, normally my primary explorer, is currently 2400ly below the Orio-Persean Conflux and so unlikely to be available in time. So in his stead, the normally bubble-bound CMDR Jack Schitt and his newly commissioned exploration vessel Deep Schitt are standing by.

Time constraints will make in-game meetups difficult but I'm doing everything I can to be there on the 6th for the big departure, and the 20th for the touchdown or equivalent. Anything that happens at waypoints in between is the will of the gods, or of the spouse, whichever wields more authority at the time.

See you in the black, CMDRs.
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