Approach for Multi-crewed SRV activities

When multi-crew was first released, one of the activities I looked forward to the most was SRV operations. There was tons of potential: Crew taking to SRV to complete a mission while the captain provided air cover. Dual SRVs completing a mission. Multi-SRV exploration. Etc.

So when it was announced that SRVs wouldn't be included in the first multi-crew release, people were disapointed. But after thinking about it briefly, I could see why it wasn't included. Because the captain can leave and then dismiss his ship, anchoring the crew to a physical location becomes weird.

But, it's been a while now, and I think we can put multi-crew SRVs in. There will have to be some limits on it, due to the nature of SRVs in general, especially compared to, say, fighters. But I think we can make it work with just a few limits.

Limit 1: No crew on the ship without a captain.
The captain must be the last to disembark into an SRV. And the captain must be the first to embark from an SRV into the ship. Because the ship can be dismissed, and dismissing a ship with crew on board is...probably bad, the ship cannot be allowed into a state where there is crew on board but no captain.

Limit 2: Crew SRV range is limited to 30 km.
This distance is measured to the captain's location. If the captain is in his ship, it is measured to the ship. If the captain is in an SRV, it is measured to that SRV. Crew SRVs straying beyond this range are destroyed (we can start warning at 28km).

Limit 3: Destroyed SRVs
If the captain's ship or SRV is destroyed, all crew SRVs are destroyed and everyone respawns in the ship as normal.
If a crew SRV is destroyed, and the captain is aboard ship, the crew will return to the ship. Otherwise their multi-crew session will end.

Limit 4: Fighters
Captains cannot man fighters during multi-crew sessions (unchanged)
Captains cannot deploy to an SRV if a fighter is deployed.

With these limits in place, multi-crew SRV operations become possible. I won't say it would be easy, (although who knows? maybe we can reuse code from fighters and get lucky...) and obviously this is a lower priority, but I think most commanders would find these limits acceptable.
even if it just worked the same way that fighters work today with multicrew it'd be a huge improvement (i.e. the crew can deploy to SRV and must stay in a certain range of the ship, but the captain cannot leave the ship). I'd be delighted though if the captain could also deploy to an SRV and think the above suggestions appropriate for that.

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