ANNOUNCEMENT April Update - Coming 23 April 2019

Questions - are the beginner systems current systems that have been marked off for beginners, or have you created new planets for beginners? What's the lore / mechanic that prevents Elite pilots from entering these systems?
Same as the lore that stops you entering shinrata until Elite I suppose


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Thanks for the update Will. I like the sound of virtually all of that, really looking forward to seeing it.

However... We have an issue...

It is not the loop of shame!!! Even if you approach a planet at full speed and loop around it, it is faster than approaching in the blue zone!

That aside, sounding great :)
Question: all the announcements that companies/politicians/artists/scientists/websites/individuals will make in 5 weeks time ... should they be making them now?

Question to you - should all the companies/politicians/artists/scientists/websites/individuals tell us they will make an announcement in the next few weeks then go silent for 5 weeks?
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