ANNOUNCEMENT April Update - Coming 23 April 2019

"Interstellar Initiatives" : intriguing, now let's talk about them in 2 weeks, yes ? :D

Also, one of the areas that had improvements I wasn't that convinced about was trading, but you're revamping it even more, I'm curious about how it looks now !
Same as the lore that stops you entering shinrata until Elite I suppose
But that doesn't make sense, because this is just the opposite. It's one thing to say, "Only admirals are allowed in this briefing room." It's quite another thing to say, "Only recruits are allowed in this room - Admirals may not enter!"

I hope these are new worlds, because some of the current starter worlds are actually unique and beautiful, like Azeban(sp?) Orbital. If I'm locked out of these, well that would be a shame.
Are those new size 1 slots gonna be restricted in any way? If not I can see myself engineering a whole lot of C1 thermal HRPs for any of my ships that are using reactive plating. Either that or extra MRPs :D
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