ANNOUNCEMENT April Update - Coming 23 April 2019

Dont look only at your belly and your needs and wishes and respect the others, they are entitled to play this too.
There is a time and a place where i would be prepared to fall on my sword and take one for the team saccrificing my own experience for somone elses. a videogame isnt it, therefore if I am worried about the direction of the game i will say it, and if i dislike it too much i will stop playing.... Fine you may say, then just leave....... but then i would echo what you just said in the above line. My game play is far less enjoyable than it used to be, and i am worried that there is a good chance this update may affect it even more.

last i looked i was entitled to post regardless of my opinion.

I totally agree the game needs to explain itsself better for new players, I totally agree the UI needs to be more intuitive. The more people buying into the game and sticking the better.

but i have yet to be convinced how making a game which is purely (at the moment) about flying a space ship, making flying the ship almost fully hands off for the majority of the time is good for the game. Personally I think the game needs MORE interaction with the nuts and bolts of flying a ship not less

honestly once you get past the initial "cliff" of fighting the UI and understanding the quirks and inconsistencies of the game, even in its current build the game is really easy. it does not need to be any easier imo. It only feels difficult because of the pi.. poor job FD do of teaching the game mechanics as well as a ui which has had bolton after bolt on forced on it. .. and this is what FD should be (and are) working on
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The other brilliance of this development will only become apparent in 2020, in my opinion. Because it will give us freedom to walk around the ship while it flies from A to B, and even as it lands at a station. It brings a fascinating insight to what is likely to come in the future, while solving an existing issue for new players. :)
My thoughts exactly, if walking is coming next.... Additionally attracting old and new players for the next big release (from NMS and elsewhere) will work considerably better now these features are in the game. The last thing you'd want is to drop atmospheric planets and/or walking and have them quit because they can't take off. That would be a real waste of time and effort on what is arguably going to be the most important release yet.
Do you think its such a good idea to put extra small slots on the bigger ships? Thats going to be a decent upgrade for the already OP FdL as its now going to be the default slot for an interdictor. The only thing that balanced that ship was its lack of internal space.
Do you think its such a good idea to put extra small slots on the bigger ships? Thats going to be a decent upgrade for the already OP FdL as its now going to be the default slot for an interdictor. The only thing that balanced that ship was its lack of internal space.
It wouldnt be an FDEV update if they didnt somehow turn the FDL into an even more bland PvP ship.

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Will all existing Docking Computers be upgraded, or will they still be an option along with the new Advanced DC?
Existing Docking Computers won't be automatically upgraded, you'll need to head back to a Starport to pick up the new Advanced Docking Computer.

While I like the Buy Sell changes, will we get a "Sell All" button?
We've passed the feedback on. :)
Rather than continuously adding to optional slots, which could unbalance ships further. We could add a new section to the ship called ‘software downloads’ (VIA outfitting) exclusively for the ships computer. In addition to COVAS, we can add the new advanced docking computer, programmable limpet control software (for when that arrives), supercruise assist...etc. Just think of the possibilities. \o/

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Just out of curiosity, but they do realize that removing slots and switching to a totally m^3 as a flat value, and not worrying about true 3d dimensions, is the easiest way to deal with these sort sof things. Then they just give an available m3 for each ship and maybe section things like engine rooms or whatnot for seperate rooms if needed. Kind of like it looks the original game did. It's the simplest system to scale with later, potentially realistic, changes. Any artifical system like slots creates complexity in design changes later. Then you use slots for things like weightless items like Fuel Scoops and computers like this that might actually be modules like a computer board. Even the hardpoints could be converted if needed. Flat simplified m^3(volume) sort of systems makes the easiest scaleable system for later changes. And it's combineable with mass.
It's called GURPS Vehicles. :)
I can't see much here for existing players. Yes, it's it going to be an easier, more friendly environment for people who don't currently play the game. I'd like to see more effort for existing and long term players - call me selfish, but I play the game for my own enjoyment, nobody else's.
They need new players.
Thought about the idea of having ONE default Class E COMPUTER module with TWO "program" cards for the new ADC and SA in a dedicated CORE slot instead of risking the power imbalance of an extra 1-2 small optional slot(s) for everyone a bit more... (Original post here)

Extra optional size 1 slots would be nice but if the COMPUTER module could be upgraded with multiple limpet controller cards, we could free up more size 1, 3, 5 and 7 slots instead while maintaining a similar number of active limpets, range, lifetime and gaining cargo racks.

What might be really cool though, is the idea of these controller cards as rewards. How about on reaching allied with Farseer she offers an FSD related mission that eventually rewards you with a Class E Deep Charge Controller card, which gives a bonus +2% max fuel per jump.

Another 20, 50 or 100 G5 upgrades later she decides you're more trustworthy with her experimental prototypes and swaps your Class E for the latest Class D, with +4% max fuel per jump now she's had time and the materials you've been bringing her to tinker with it a bit more.

Figure out a balanced exponential progression and eventually end up with a Class A and the optimum +10% max fuel bonus controller to hot swap in and out of any ship as long as it has one empty program slot in the CORE "Computer" and the effect stacks with other engineering.

Each engineer could offer a similar reward that relates to their specialty or is preferably already an experimental secondary in their blueprint list so, Palin might offer a Drag Drives Controller since it says in the description it's basically a software level hack of the safety protocols.

As another example. Lei Chung might reward a Multi-weave Shield Controller but this one seems more hardware reliant so instead, how about a controller that provides a direct mitigation defense against a weapon effect like Phasing Sequence to reduce damage bleed through.

And here's where it could get really cool...
Assumption 1: We eventually get legs.
Assumption 2: The Torq wearable displays the EVA world
Assumption 3: The Dura-Brick interacts with the EVA world

Lets say a Class A CORE Computer module has 6x program slots, and you've already loaded three with the best controllers money can buy and you have three engineer reward cards that you typically transfer between ships as you switch because they give such an awesome edge.

Now imagine the Dura-Brick has two slots (one, until you upgrade it) and as long as you're sitting in the pilot's seat the Brick connects to the ship to apply bonuses (not enough bandwidth via wifi) as if you had swapped them in outfitting or with legs, walked down to the Computer bay.

In other words, you could keep all your best controller cards in your pack, swap them into the Dura-Brick slots as needed (even better if the bonuses applied to SRV and SLF) or even take a hatch breaker card with you on a surface EVA to help with hacking open doors and boxes.

Alternatively the controller cards for the ships and the Dura-Brick could be completely different sizes but that shouldn't rule out the possibility of overlapping software based engineering enhancements to creep the power ever skyward, and give the veterans something to keep grinding for.

Cash and rep rewards are nice, but what about shiny gizmos to keep for our efforts?

Edit: Further suggestions on how to integrate legs with factions, missions and permits...
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Sensors are the stand-in for the computer.
Not really. The sensor arrays, and life support need to scale with the size of the ship whereas the Core slot for the Computer could be the same size and negligible mass on every vessel and it seems way more, dare I say it "realistic" to have something at least as capable as an iPhone running multiple apps considering it's well over 1000 years into the future. I can dig that limpet controllers are broadcasting but surely that job could be handled by the Computer sending a signal via the sensor array to free up a huge amount of space inside the ship.