ANNOUNCEMENT April Update - Coming 23 April 2019

The way I'm reading it, they become permit-locked after you get at least one Elite rank.
The way I'm reading it, the new pilot can stay there indefinitely, but is allowed to leave any time after they make their first rank....yay for the end of seal clubbing!

Great update all around!
Looks like a lot of new features, was not expecting this much in the update :D

x2 class 1 optional slots for small ships.
x1 class ? optional slot for medium and large ships.

The advanced docking computer will be a nice upgrade for my Imperial Cutter trading ship. :D
For a small update it contains quite a bit more then I expected.
I'm not sure if I want to use the advanced supercruise or docking thingy though, I like to fly my ship myself once in a while, the adv. docking thingamabob could be very useful in Belugas and T10s though.
More optional slots are always a good thing imho.

Looking forward to the livestream.
@Will Flanagan

If you want to introduce new players to flying in Wings, the manual option for Enabling your Wing-Beacon, should be replaced for an automatic Wing-Beacon, that is turned on as soon you joined a Wing.

you also would get rid of an option that everybody hates.

Wingleader says; Everybody Wing beacon on?
Wingpilot 1: Yeah
Wingpilot 2: oh sry forgot.
Wingpilot 3: Uh what? Wing-beacon? Can you eat that?

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Thanks devs for finally listening to us. Crazy that this level of automation hasn't been available since day 1.

For the newbies - Don't be afraid to click off flight assist and enjoy the flight model (it is really not that scary or difficult)

For the rest of us with 1000's of hours FA-ON/OFF (especially truckers).... Finally an option for an advanced computer to do the work sometimes

Great news