ANNOUNCEMENT April Update - Coming 23 April 2019

Some nice changes there but...

Why not make the advanced docking computer and the super cruise assistant functions of the ship in stead of modules? Doesn't adding the possibility of having more modules completely change the balance of ship loadouts?
Agreed. And, as someone (Babel?) mentioned, make them switch-on-off-able in the right hand panel (well, the docking computer at least)
Nice! Just as I was thinking whether those "3-4 months between smaller updates" were counted since Beyond release, or since the 2020 update announcement.

I've updated this to be extremely clear, the beginner systems are only accessible until you earn your first rank in Combat, Exploration or Trade.
Just FYI, the news article on Steam still says Elite rank.
I've gotta say, these are some changes that I honestly never thought I'd see in Elite. So many years of things like auto-pilot being dismissed by the devs.
I'm going to reserve judgement on whether it's a good thing or a bad thing until I see it in action, I'm just taken by surprise... On the one hand it's making the learning curve much less vertical which can be off-putting for new players. On the other hand is this really addressing the issues surrounding long-distance Supercruise travel? I'm not so sure.
Interesting stuff, the new ADV DC will make the lives of those what can't fly so much easier :p
keep up the good work
Undocking computer.

SC assist.

Dumbing down the game is not the way to go.

CMDRs can go from a Sidewinder to an Anaconda is a few hours, completely foregoing the opportunity to gain experience and learning to play the game. Credits are no replacement for experience.

You've also allowed griefing and killing for no reason, a change from what the game was originally envisioned.

An increasing parade of desperate "fixes" have had to be implemented to address this mistake.

Speed limits in stations instead of shadowbanning station rammers. Then they started ramming "speeders" to enforce the speed limits they caused to be implemented...

Crime and Punishment system.

Now noob areas where experienced CMDRs can't even reach to help out and take new CMDRs under their wing, all because the devs caved to pressure from EVE-like players who wanted a free fire zone throughout Elite.

How much time and resources have been wasted on this, and how much further along could meaningful content be?

There's already a huge issue of CMDRs with no idea how to fly, outfit, navigate, etc., and the impetus to learn to do so are being taken away.

Elite is a niche game, only a certain segment is going to be interested. Just like the military, the military isn't right for everyone, and not everyone who wants to join is right for the military. Trying to shoehorn people into a game like Elite is going to backfire. Please rethink this.
Thanks devs for finally listening to us. Crazy that this level of automation hasn't been available since day 1.

For the newbies - Don't be afraid to click off flight assist and enjoy the flight model (it is really not that scary or difficult)

For the rest of us with 1000's of hours FA-ON/OFF (especially truckers).... Finally an option for an advanced computer to do the work sometimes

Great news
I always assumed you flew your t9 fa-off all the time ;)
Does the beginners zone mean people are locked out if they have a rank, or people are locked in until they have a rank, or both?

This update sounds awesome too, looking forward to it :)