ANNOUNCEMENT April Update Content Reveal Livestream - Recap

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Hello Commanders,

Missed tonight’s April Update Content Reveal livestream? Take a look at all of the content we covered below, or watch the VOD here:

Main Menu
  • The Main Menu now features a new layout and aesthetic, making it simpler for players to understand what options are available to them.
  • We’ve added a news feed which will show off headline articles from GalNet, Forum Posts and Store Highlights.
Creating a new Commander
  • We’ve worked to create a more rounded and detailed experience when setting up your Commander. This is the new flow:
  • Set your Commander name
  • Select your ship package (if you have more than one choice, this is dependent on the version of Elite Dangerous you purchased)
  • Confirm your selection on the ship detail screen (which shows you more information about the ship you’ve picked)
  • Choose a name and ID for your ship (can be skipped)
  • Choose either to start in Dromi (Pilots Federation District – more information below) or where the package originally started (details of location will be shown to you)
  • Confirm you’re happy with your Pilots Licence (all the choices you’ve made so far)
  • Choose to either try the training simulations, or jump straight into the game
Training Simulation Access
  • Current training simulations can now be accessed from within your cockpit at any point (Subject to the in danger rules)
  • You can access the simulations by selecting ‘Training’ from the home tab on your right hand panel
  • Choose from any of the training or challenge simulations available
  • Use the pause menu to either restart the simulation or end it and return to the online game
  • Whilst in the training simulation, your ship will be removed from the online game; you’ll return in normal space where you left it
Pilots Federation District and Starter Mission
  • The Pilots' Federation District is a collection of systems designed to offer a regulated area for new Commanders. It contains entry level equipment and ships, along with missions aimed at early stage players
  • These systems are marked with a unique icon on both the galaxy map and navigation panel, so players can easily keep track of where they are
  • At the beginning of the game, players will be given a starting mission to get them started (travel to a nearby port in and dock to receive 10,000cr)
  • Select ‘auto-launch’ from the list of options, to automatically undock and leave the port (you can disengage this at any time by increasing your throttle)
  • Select the highlighted system, and engage FSD to hyperspace to the new system
  • Once in the new system, select the highlighted port and use the ‘supercruise assist’ option
  • Once at the port, and within 7km request docking and throttle back to zero; the docking computer will land the ship
  • Open port services, and select mission board
  • Select the entry with the ‘!’ icon, and hand in to complete the mission and gain the credit reward
  • Once a commander gains a rank in Trade, Combat or Exploration they are offered a graduation mission that directs them out of the district. Once they leave and dock outside these systems, the permit is revoked and the player cannot access them again.
New Modules
  • We are introducing two new modules into the game:
  • Advanced Docking Computer - The Advanced Docking Computer provides cutting edge guidance control to the ship’s computer, offering a further launch option alongside the assisted docking function. You can toggle these two functions on and off through the ‘Flight Assistance’ section of the ship tab on the right hand panel. When undocking is switched on, the ‘Auto-Launch’ option will be presented when docked. When docking is on, simply request docking and throttle back, the ships computer will then take over.
  • Supercruise Assist - The Supercruise Assist module allows the ship’s computer to regulate the approach towards a set location* within the current system and to disengage the drive at the appropriate time . This module can also be used to enter orbit around a planetary body. To engage, select the location you want to Supercruise to from the navigation panel and select the ‘Supercruise assist’ option. You will need to ensure that you are pointing at the destination and that it is not obscured by another object (behind a star or stellar body for example), set your throttle within the blue zone of the indicator, and the ships computer will do the rest
  • The Supercruise assist module also comes with the feature to auto set throttle to zero when entering a new system. This option can be toggled on and off through the ‘Flight Assistance’ section of the ship tab on the right hand panel.
  • *Planet side targets are excluded - instead they will engage the planetary orbit function of the computer, and Commanders will need to manually guide the ship to the ground destination
  • All new small ships come with these two modules as standard, placed in two new additional size 1 slots (unrestricted). New medium and large ships come with the Supercruise assist module in a new, additional size 1 slot (unrestricted). All existing small ships will receive two new additional empty size 1 slots (unrestricted), and all medium and large ships will receive one new additional size 1 slot (unrestricted).
  • Ships will not retroactively be given these new modules, nor will the Standard Docking Computer be upgraded to the Advanced Docking Computer.
Commodities Market
  • The commodities market is now split into buy and sell sections. This will make it clearer to see what transaction the player is doing, and what the data in each of the columns represents
  • To buy a commodity, select the buy button:
  • Cargo - shows how many, if any, you have of the commodity in your hold
  • Goods - lists the name
  • Supply - shows how much of the good the particular market is producing – a high supply normally means a low buy price (which will be easier to make a profit on), whilst a low supply may indicate a high buy price (which will be harder to make a profit on)
  • The ‘Profit if sold at’ column shows how much, approximately you will make if you sold the selected good at the galactic average (as a default). Minus (with a red approx. sign) means you will lose money, and green means you will make a profit
  • You can compare any market data that you own, by selecting the ‘compare’ option on the left hand side. Here you have three options
  • Galactic average
  • Search market (you can search any data you own)
  • Suggested markets – provides a list of data you won of nearby markets
  • On the right hand screen you can see local market data that you own, so at a glance you can see how much nearby markets that will buy the selected commodity for, or how much they will sell it for (if they produce it). You can also see if you have a mission at the system, with the mission icon
  • Select the good you want to buy and a pop up will appear
  • Here you can see the local markets again, but this time you can select them to be taken to them in the galaxy map with the appropriate filter applied
  • To purchase, select the + sign until the amount you want to buy is displayed. Then select buy.
  • To sell a commodity select the Sell button
  • Screen is very similar to buy, but instead of supply, it shows demand
  • High demand means the market will pay more for the good (more profit)
  • Low demand means the market will pay less for the good (less profit)
  • Select the commodity that you want to sell
  • On the pop up select how much you want to sell, and click ‘sell’
  • Cargo you’re carrying can be viewed in the Inventory tab on the right hand side panel. Here you can select any commodity in your hold and view more details, as well as select quick links to pilots handbook or the galaxy map (with appropriate filters applied)
Pilots Handbook
  • A new section of the codex, which can be accessed from the Home tab in the right hand panel
  • Covers activities available in game, as well as some how to use the two maps (galaxy and system)
Nav Panel
  • The navigation panel (accessed from the left hand panel) now includes extra information and quick links to maps and pilot handbook articles
  • A new column has been added to the panel, to show various icons; activities that can be found there, as well as threat level
  • Select the location to see more information on it, in the pop up you will see:
  • Stars will show its description, class and if it can be used to scoop fuel from, with links to system map
  • Bodies will show any activities available there, as well as data on the body, map links and pilot handbook links
  • Ports will show data on the port, activities available, and links to maps and pilots handbook
  • Other locations in the system will show activities available, and links to maps and pilots handbook
  • Nearby star systems will show system data and map links
  • All previous actions available in the popup box are still there
  • Warnings, such as excess mass, are also explained
  • Plotting a route will now display the number of jumps and final destination along the top of the nav panel
We can’t wait for you to discover all of this for yourselves on 23 April when the April Update launches!
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