Notice April Update - Known Issues (24/04/2019)

Will Flanagan

Community Manager
Hello Commanders,

We have been monitoring the feedback you've been making here on the forums, across social media and on the Issue Tracker. We wanted to give you an update on some of the concerns and bugs that have been raised.
  • Drag Munitions
    • Based on your feedback, we will revert the change that we made to Drag Munitions, changing them back to how they worked prior to the April Update. However, this is something we may look to revisit in the future.
  • Frame Rate Issues
    • We believe the cause of this is down to the 'FX Quality' setting in the graphics options. We're currently investigating a fix for the issue, but would recommend lowering your graphics settings in the meantime.
  • We are also investigating fixes for these known issues:
    • SRV damage multiplying when in multiplayer sessions
    • Module priorities resetting
    • Shield module turning on (after previously being deactivated)
    • ‘Restock All’ quick option not functioning
    • Buying/selling commodities is now faster – whilst using a mouse it will incrementally speed up, and when selling it will default to the maximum amount you have in your hold
We are not able to give you an exact date on when the patch with these fixes will be deployed, but aim to release it next week. As mentioned, investigations for these fixes are ongoing so times are subject to change.

Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Edit: Please find these fixes in the announced patch here.
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Maybe when it comes to balancing changes, it would be wise to make a forum post first with what the devs want to change and what's their reasoning? Your community is a lot more experienced than your team will ever be, it's just how it works in gaming.

Instead of possibly creating problems, have a more prophylactic attitude towards your own game.
So as normal, the Devs are more concerned with fixing minor bugs rather than trying to fix the major issues that prevent Cmdr's from even getting back into the game at all. I am writing about the Adjudication error issues that prevent you from playing any more than a couple of minutes game time.
Sorry about the rant, but I have been playing this game since its original release in 1984 and have seen this happen regularly.
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